Culture for real estate agents. Everything starts in our homes. If we want great culture on our teams and in our offices, then it behooves us to be intentional about creating great culture at home. It’s been said that readers are leaders and if we truly believe that then now is the time for us to create the kind of culture at home that inspires and helps us to be learners as well as our children.

It is common for real estate professional/parents, now heavily laden by their new role of being homeschool teachers as well, to want to grit their teeth and get through the rest of this school year. Before we do that, I’d encourage you to think carefully about the opportunity we have to really shape within ourselves and within our children these two principles:
The skill of knowing how to learn
A love of learning

When our kids are equipped with these two things, then they are inspired and empowered to see education not as a means to an end but as a journey in and of itself. Today’s episode gives some great strategies and tactics of how to do this as well as how to manage kids’ expectations of allowing you some freedom and space to get your work done.

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