Jesse Dau, the YouTube Agent currently has 59 deals in escrow in different parts of the country. In three short years of being a licensed agent has broken these three major paradigms that keep real estate agents from thinking bigger and living their biggest lives. These, now debunked paradigms include: 

  1. Real estate agents cannot just create content for social media and watch their phone ring with hot leads. Leveraging the power of YouTube, Jesse and Jackson have done this not only for themselves but for agents in 9 other locations around the country.
  2. Real estate agents cannot just pick up and move to another state because their business is their database and their database is in one geographical location.Leveraging the power of YouTube, Jesse and Jackson have both personally relocated to different states and now help other real estate agents generate new business in a brand new city in a matter of weeks.
  3. Real estate agents cannot actually retire out of the business. In three short years, Jesse has removed himself entirely from being in production and is now fully focused on expanding his YouTube footprint through agents in new markets across the country, earning an override on what he helps them to do.

If you’ve ever wanted to Think Bigger about what’s possible in the real estate industry, then this episode is for you. Jesse shared this when asked about how he continues to be a Big Thinker and expand his own possibilities:

  • If you believe it is possible, then you can find a way. The platforms, the ideas, the opportunities are out there. You just have to believe and then find the models and people that can help you to do it.


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