When you hear the word branding, what comes to mind? Do you think of logos and colors? If that’s true for you, then you’re in for a real treat by hearing all about branding from a brand specialist, Brandon Gaston. Not only is this guy the best dressed man in the PNW, he understands and teaches branding at a deep and fundamental level, including ensuring that it aligns with your legacy and deeper purpose. Some of the most valuable takeaways from my conversation with Brandon were:
Branding is less about the external and more about the internal, about how you show up and your confidence level
People are buying your confidence to solve their problems.
As a real estate agent, having people be able to affirm that ‘yes, you look like you could buy the house that you’re selling’
The differentiation that wardrobe offers you, especially in the PNW
Clarify your avatar and everything else gets easier
And so much more…

A unique offer for our audience:
A complimentary brand audit to the audience of your show.
It includes:
• A brief questionnaire they fill out so I have a general understanding of their business brand + identity.
• A 20 minute conversation.
• The complimentary audit with brand recommendations.

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