While most real estate agents offer the same value propositions, most real estate agents struggle financially.

Becoming a well-paid professional includes creating a value proposition that is unique, different, and extremely valuable to the client.

Today, I interview Ryan Grant, co-creator of NEO Home Loans.

Very few understand the importance of creating a unique value proposition than Ryan and his partners. They have created a mortgage company that is fundamentally different in the way they position themselves to the end consumer and the real estate agents with whom they partner.

As you listen to Ryan, look for the principles that you can apply to your business that will cause you to be different and more valuable in the marketplace today.

Background in Real Estate

Ryan Grant is the co-creator of Neo Home Loans, The Art of Home Ownership, and Tribe Coaching Consulting for Mortgage professionals. Enrolled in Law School but short the funds to support it and feeling disenchanted with the Legal system, Ryan moved to the Mortgage industry following the suggestion and the success of a brother in law. 

Without anything new to offer the industry, he grew his business through relationships, doing what he could to simply outwork his peers and competitors, as well as branding on social media. This “value offering” left him with a lack of fulfillment as the “top debt salesman in the industry”. He knew it was time to set himself apart by bringing new value over the next 30 years in a homeowners life. 

What do you do that’s different?

The competitor in Ryan’s eyes is the industry that says “you don’t need to know much to get a mortgage, we’ll give you your home and your debt in one click,” with an assumption that this makes a person a “successful homeowner”. 

The professionals he has gathered at his mortgage company, Neo Home Loans, share the vision that they are more than customer service through a common transaction; their aim is to educate homeowners and offer them a well-rounded knowledge of their assets. He can help consumers make better decisions in Real Estate and ultimately own more properties, creating more opportunity for everyone. He has, metaphorically, baked a fresh pie instead of stealing the slice off of someone else’s plate.

Point One: Look beyond the confines of the transaction 

Take a look at how this differs from the traditional trajectory of a mortgage professional.  

Typical Scenario: 

First wait for a consumer to decide to buy/sell/finance a home.
Next, hope your marketing efforts and outreach somehow gets them in front of said consumer.
Then, try to convince them you’re the best for the transaction.
Lastly, give them a pat on the back at the end of 30 or 45 days and wish them luck and hope they call when it’s time to make a move again. 

Instead, Ryan and the highly educated finance professionals at Neo Home Loans understand how to create and grow generational wealth with Real Estate, finance, leverage and liability management, and offer this as a product to the client they believe they are paid to serve over the long haul. Do the math: a $10,000 commission over 30 days vs. over 30 years, that’s a grand total income of $27/month. 

Point two: create an uncontested marketplace 

Back to the pie analogy above, Ryan and his team take it upon themselves to reach out to a group of the population that does not yet own Real Estate and offer education to them as to why that may benefit their goals, and help them take those steps. The change comes through sharing this education, and helping consumers use Mortgage Professionals in a more holistic way. 

Point three: Be considered an advisor 

Why bother a human with a phone call and an email when it’s time for a transaction? This can and should be left to AI. Technology is a great order-taker! Helping the consumer turn the fee they pay a Real Estate professional into an investment with an incredible ROI is what makes this a true human experience. 

Ryan tells us “Wealthy people aren’t wealthy because they have money, they’re wealthy because they have information,” and this comes from what is known as the “Family Office”, a circle of financial advisors who truly have something to offer. 

It’s time to step into the uncrowded space where there is opportunity for generational wealth! 

Point four: True value proposition is about the consumer 

In 2012, the average home price in Lake Tahoe was $300,000 and today is well over $900,000. That market experienced a 300% increase. If Mortgage Professionals had given the courageous advice Ryan is teaching here, more families would have been able to keep up based on the decisions made in 2012. They are instead impacted by a generational displacement. This is the kind of situation that motivates the value Ryan strives to bring. 

The reality is the consumer is the one who decides the value you’ve brought. 

So how do you do it over the long haul?

How to sustain your value offering

If you’re a Real Estate professional, partner with a Mortgage Professional that shares this mindset and operates their business like you do. 

On either side, if one of you is simply committed to good customer service, you’re doing it wrong. Both of you have to be committed to the totality of how you’ll serve your shared client in the long haul.

This comes in your team of partners: trusted financial planners, estate attorneys, contractors, and CPAs. Create the “family office” around your client as a team of advisors they can count on to grow wealth using the definition Ryan previously provided. If you have the right people, systems and technology you can offer the full experience for the long run. It is not your job to be all things to all people, but it is our job to have a team of vetted professionals to fill in these gaps as they arise. 

These are your referral partners, but they first serve your clients! Your value proposition is advanced by having the right people in your sphere, and your client-centered heart in the right place. Your value will not come from “who can do it cheapest”. The consumer needs a team of advisors committed to their long term success. 

If your competitor can say it, you’re not unique and your “secret sauce” is just Ketchup. Let us help you set yourself apart serving your clients BIGGER! 



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