Great leadership is needed, not only in the workplace but also in the home. This episode with Dan Foster, VP of Sales and Executive Coach of Building Champions, gives us insight as to why some organizations attract and retain great talent, while others struggle. 

Dan shared that his favorite part about being a father is observing and helping his children to figure out their own paths, talents, and voice. 

We then went into the four conversations that a great coaching leader must have:

  1. Care for and connect with the individual- when our people genuinely feel that we care for them outside of what we do for a living, our life is enhanced and so is theirs. Those that we lead like us and trust us and want to give us their all. 
  2. Vision- when those that we lead understand our vision for the company and for them, and we understand their vision for themselves, a powerful connection is made. 
  3. Execution- those that we lead need to feel that our job as a leader is to remove obstacles that are keeping them from reaching their potential. 
  4. Productivity- as we help our people to be productive in the workplace, we help them to produce at higher levels and feel the satisfaction of success. 

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As a gift to those that tuned in, Dan offered a 20% discount to their course that teaches you how to have these four conversations called: Becoming a Coaching Leader. That link is here:, 20% Off Coupon: BC20OFF.

How Dan continues to Think Bigger: Dan shared that the way that he continues to be a big thinker and expand his own possibilities is through humility. When we get our pride and our ego out of the way, thinking that we already have it figured out, we open ourselves to learning, growth and expanded possibilities.

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