Great Real Estate Marketers. With buyer demand spiking and seller inventory approaching all-time lows, the ability for a real estate agent to get listings is critical in order for an agent to be able to thrive both in business and in their quality of life. To accomplish that, it’s no longer good enough for an agent to just be good at real estate. They must also be great at marketing. Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin, co-founders of Curaytor are some of the greatest marketers of our time. Together, we talk through philosophies, frameworks, strategies, tactics and hacks that top agents are employing now in order to get more listings in 2020.  

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The peril of not outsourcing your marketing to people that specialize in it
  • The real cost of marketing is the opportunity cost of not doing it right and/or trying to do it yourself
  • Marketing not just for cold market but for your sphere
  • The definition of LTV, lifetime value of a customer and how much that is for the average real estate customer (11:30)
  • Omni-channel approach to staying in touch with your clients
  • When was the last time you sat down and created content for your sphere? 
  • Our monthly marketing plan for a month includes:
    • Sellers, sellers, buyers, and past clients and sphere
  • Why Zillow is better at following up with your past clients right now
  • What sellers are concerned with now and how to get their attention

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