The thoughts that you think are directly connected to the results you get. Period. Knowing this, it becomes extremely important to be very intentional about what impacts our thinking. 

In this episode, 27-year veteran Nathan Jones shares his stories of his father telling him that he shouldn’t be a real estate agent and so many more after him. Early in his career another person close to him called him the Scam-Man. He has overcome the fact that as a result of the color of his skin, some people will not let him in their home. He has also overcome the often insidious and subtle voice that in our head that can plague all of us that says that we can’t reach our biggest goals. 

He has learned, and we discuss here, how overcoming naysayers is an essential component to achieving your biggest goals. Those around you will say things that will hold you back. When they do this, it is actually a reflection on them, not you. Listen to their input accordingly. They say this for one of two reasons:

  1. They love you and want to protect you from getting hurt. 
  2. They are jealous and don’t want your successes to make them look less successful. 

Throughout his career, one-by-one, he has overcome naysayers and is now able to do that more quickly and effectively than ever before. Listen in to hear the many take-aways that will undoubtedly help you to avoid those that shrink your thinking and move towards those that grow your thinking. 

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