“Alexa, tell me about this home.” “Tell me about the schools.” “Tell me about the local restaurants.” “Why are the owner selling this home.” Imagine having that conversation happening inside of one of your listings with Alexa strategically placed in the most beautiful room of that home. Imagine being able to get instant feedback for your sellers as to what questions were asked, thereby giving you additional data to market and sell this listing and others in the neighborhood. Pretty cool, huh? 

On today’s show I interviewed Justin Cullifer the founder of Glass House Guide. Tune in to hear how this will help you get more listings, sell more homes, as well as offer a stark warning to agents on the need to rise above the value that artificial intelligence can offer. 

Here are the key takeaways from my exploration of this tremendous software:

  • Currently, there are over 100M Alexa powered devices just in the U.S.
  • Alexa and similar voice powered artificial intelligence is not going away. It’s only going to get better and penetrate more homes and our lives in more ways. People are going to become more and more comfortable with this technology and will rely on it more heavily. 
  • Consumers are relying more and more heavily on real estate technology
  • Embracing this technology will set you apart as a leader in innovation and help you to get more listings as you share its capabilities as value adds to the homeowner
  • You’ll have additional content ideas, both by sharing that you use the service, and by sharing results and data that you get from using the service
  • It will give you added leverage to be in more places at once
  • Gives you another talking point with neighbors as you look to get additional listings around your existing listings
  • It will act as a constant reminder that there are technologies being built that are taking what you used to get paid to do. It may sound gruesome, but if you don’t innovate, your margins and then your career will die. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback as you use the service. 

The promo code “ThinkBigger” will provide our audience with 1-month free service.

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