Three Keys to Massive Transformation with Anthony Lolli. Whether it was building the largest rental focused real estate brokerage franchise in the country, Rapid Realty, whether it was building a fanatical-family culture in which over 100 of his agents tattooed the Rapid Realty logo on their body, or whether it was his recent accomplishment of a total body transformation of losing 125 lbs in 9 months, (as featured in the Amazon Prime Documentary Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli) Anthony Lolli knows a thing or two about massive transformations. In this episode, he outlines the three things that everyone must do to experience one themselves in any area of their lives.

Anthony’s three keys are: 

  1. Have a purpose for the transformation that is bigger than yourself. 
  2. Have a clear vision about where you’re headed.
  3. Change your associations so that they support where you’re headed. 

As you tune into this short and powerful episode, you’ll hear more details of Anthony’s impressive, massive transformations, both in his real estate business as well as with his health.

I also cannot encourage you enough to go to Amazon Prime Video and search out Anthony’s video documentary: Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli. His incredible journey will deeply inspire you in your own massive transformations.

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