Social media could be one of the greatest tools to help real estate agents sell more homes. It can also be one of the biggest detractors of their selling homes. What is the difference?

In this episode, I will share key things that a real estate agent should post that will allow them to connect, truly communicate, and convert social media followers into real estate agent clients.

Social media could be one of the greatest tools to help you as a Real Estate agent to sell more homes – but it can also be a great distractor! What is the difference? 

Be Human

Consider this experience I had listening to a simple song on the radio that literally moved me to tears as it expressed the feelings from the depth of my heart to my wife in a way that I felt I could not. Social Media is about connection, and this is accomplished when we share our humanity, our emotions, with our audience on our social platforms. (If you want a dose of this emotion, take a listen HERE or check out my post on my own social platforms).


All this to say – people come to their Social Media channels for an emotional experience! If you are only sharing your business and listings in a commercial format, you may be missing out on the opportunity to make real connections.


This is a relationship-based business! At minimum, I recommend posting personal topics 25% of the time – consider at least one time per week. Better still – let’s make it 50/50 personal and business! 

The customer journey

Attention > Communication > Conversation > Commitment > Closings 

Walking backward from the closing, it all begins with catching their attention! If you don’t have their attention, they will miss your education. Conversely, if you’ve caught their attention but don’t have more value to add, they will also be likely to move on. 

Personal Posts

What does it mean to “be human”?

  • Be authentic 
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be connected 
  • Draw out emotions 
  • Tell real life experiences 

If you struggle with differentiating business from personal when this business is “who you are” and are closely intertwined, consider posting human stories that cannot be found in the MLS or on Redfin. Share a story of how you came to the listing, who lived there before, and so forth. 

Business Posts

Be liked, be the expert

Of course, we recognize business does not come from only being “liked”, we also need to stand out for what we do and the value we bring. People don’t need to know everything you know, but here is a simple framework to consider when sharing a business post.

    • One statistic – one that you have interest in – no bar graphs! You want to be the leader in the marketplace, not just the person who delivers the information so you are sharing a statistic you can interpret for your audience.
  • One outcome – Share the consequences of the changes that are impacted by the statistic you’ve shared. This is your interpretation and application of statistics.
  • One story – Tell a story of how someone accomplished the goal they may be after, even with the change. This can be someone you served, someone you heard about, someone in your office – this story is for the purpose of illustrating the statistic you’ve shared. Now you have connection through education. 

If you have any questions or comments about how you’ve applied this, let me know! Reach out and schedule some time if I can help you take this plan further. 


Go CONNECT bigger! 



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