You’re asking the wrong question!

Turn “Why me?” into “What if?” This will take your thinking from contracting to expanding. 

Why are Real Estate interest rates so high?
Why is Real Estate inventory so low?
Why are my leads not working out?
Why are my buyers liars?
Why are my sellers unreasonable?
Why is my Real Estate team not better?

“Why me” questions come from a frame of mind of looking at what is going wrong (ie: my leads are not good). You’re letting it steal your dream! In 2023, let’s not give away power to the things that don’t ultimately matter.

What’s keeping you from your dreams?

Pivot to the question “what if”.

What if I had more commission in my account than I needed?

What if I had enough commission coming into my account that my future wants were taken care of?
What if I could fund my favorite causes and the people who are closest to me?

Someone else has already done what you want to do, and they’ve done it in Real Estate. Now your possibilities are expanding! Thinking Bigger means living in such a way that you are pursuing your potential – living, giving and serving abundantly!

What if I loved my buyers?
What if sellers are reasonable?
What if interest rates don’t impact me?

What if I have enough buyers or sellers to choose only who I want to work with?

Get to work 

There are three primary reasons why agents do not find themselves living out the above what-if scenarios:

  1. They’ve never been taught (you can’t say that one anymore!)
  2. Their input is inconsistent (input-output-confidence)
  3. They don’t have the right environment/models/tools to accomplish the vision (plan-activities-results)

What if my clients came to me by referral?

What if my daily plan was clear and I knew just what to do every day?

What if my vision actually pulled me?

What if I loved doing the work?!

The tool we’ve created 

Our solution is a tool that we have spent years curating, combining a clear Vision with a plan in a Blueprint, and an interactive Dashboard to set your activities on track. Commit fully to the process and have immediate feedback for the right activities that can then lead to the right results. 

Join us! A new group launches with this in January! Consistent inputs lead to consistent outputs and therefore confidence and results – let us help you!

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