Everyone wants to grow their real estate business. Yet, without clarity on your strengths, you may be tempted to pursue lead-generation methods that are misaligned with those strengths.

Without this clarity and alignment, growing your business will be challenging and frustrating.

With this clarity, growing your business will be simple and natural.

In this workshop, I walk through:

–how to find your strengths

–the pros and cons of both warm and cold market

–how to decide on the right fit for you

You’re asking yourself: “How do I find more Real Estate leads and ultimately close more Real Estate transactions?” I want to share with you that it’s not a lack of talent; it’s not a lack of opportunity.

You find yourself asking this because you’re diluting your capabilities with a lack of focus. 

You’re distracted by great marketers who are telling you success stories that are happening elsewhere with other strategies, and you’re getting tempted to believe that because someone else is having success with it, that’s where the opportunity must be. 

The reality is: there is opportunity everywhere! The magic bullet is this: you loving what you do and being engaged in one thing consistently. 

What’s the right methodology for you?

Identify your best attributes by reflecting on the following questions! Reach out to me so we can have a conversation and take these deeper and make them more personal.

1. What would I do if I didn’t have to sell Real Estate?

Within this answer is a clue to your true DNA. If you have an internal aversion to the methods you’ve chosen, it can only last so long. For you to be consistent, you need to find something that speaks to you! Do you love the challenge of winning people over? If so, cold-calling and similar strategies might be the marketing method for you! Do you love hosting community events and prefer to be in close relationship with your clients? If so, a warm-market referral method might be the direction for you! (If this is you, take a moment to find out how much untapped opportunity is in your current database by taking our Referral Score quiz at thinkbiggerre.com/referralscore.)

2. What are your talents?

Don’t be distracted by the things that aren’t aligned with your current strengths!

3. What do others say you’re really good at?

Do others tell you you’re great at speaking, training, teaching, connecting, listening? If you’re not sure, ask those close to you and you’ll find another clue as to whether or not you have more of a warm or cold market preference in this business!

Pros and Cons of Warm Market Methods

Once you know your preferences, you can tune out the distractors!  


  • Work with friends
  • Relationship-driven
  • More gratifying serving the ones you love most in life
  • Include a professional network using the Upstream Model and create a scalable referral business that goes beyond your sphere! 


  • Work with your friends, feeling like you’re always “on” 
  • Limited because relationships take time 

Pros and Cons of Cold Market Methods

There are pros and cons to both strategies and there is not a right answer – the one that speaks to your DNA is the answer for you

This method of business is more transactional, and that may be your preference! Again, if you know this then you can tune out the distractions and stay consistent, which is the real goal of this practice.


  • More readily scalable 
  • Time and money allow you go get business today
  • Easier to “turn it off” and separate home or relationships and business 


  • More rejection 
  • More time spent sorting leads
  • Lower conversion rate 
  • Cost of time or money to get the business more quickly 

Which one is right for you?

Review the first three questions and identify which market speaks to you! If you’re like me and you’d like to operate your business using warm market relational methods, you’ll need to put the systems in your business in place that allow for this. If you don’t, by default you’ll move back into cold-market methods and remain distractible. 

We believe those systems are:

  • Email
  • Staying in contact on Social Media
  • Creating Annual Wealth Reviews 

If warm-market referrals are right for you, and you feel like you’re starting over every year on these relationships, let us help you go deeper and nurture them with these and other key systems we can help you implement in your business today. Schedule a few minutes with me by clicking the button below, or direct message me on social media and I’ll be happy to help transform your business and help you personally show up in the lives of the relationships you’ve worked so hard to earn!

There is a place for you to wake up everyday and love what you do! I’m here to help you find it. 



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