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Think Bigger | Real Estate

Land Flipping & the Four Freedoms

Michelle Bosch is the Co-Founder and CFO of Orbit Investments and full-time real estate investor since 2002. She grew their current business to 8-figures in less than 18 months, having bought and sold over 4000 pieces of property. In this episode we talk about the power of land flipping, how she’s done so much so fast and how this all fits within her Four Freedoms of: Money, Time, Relationships and Purpose. You are going to LOVE this episode and this amazingly powerful lady!

Broker Hive- Leverage for Real Estate Agents

Higher producing agents have the problem of not enough time. Newer agents have the problem of not enough money. Enter the perfect leverage tool for both that is going to change the game in a big way.

Self Storage Real Estate Investing

Kris Benson is the Chief Investment Officer of Reliant Investments, the 25th largest self-storage operator in the US. Kris shares why real estate investing, why self-storage as well as mindset and business lessons he gained while leaving a corporate job to build a business that now creates tremendous stability and returns for he and many investors.

Learn Outside of Your Area

We often times live under glass ceilings, which is due first because of who we spend time with and secondly because of our thinking. When we want to grow our business, we first have to grow our mindset, which means we need to be very intentional about learning from others that are doing more business than we’re currently doing.

The Power of Instagram for Real Estate Agents

While more and more eyeballs are moving to Instagram, real estate agents need to know to not only be there, but to be there with the right strategy. This strategy is not to sell, but to connect. Learn from one of the best on how to make Instagram grow your connections and your business.

Big Announcement: Retirement?!

If we’re looking to improve any area of our life, if we’re looking to have more joy, have deeper relationships, impact people, our own life and the world, in a bigger and better way, guess what, we must stop being spectators and we must start being players.

Debt Free life

The average American makes $2M in their life. Over $1.4M of that goes to taxes and interest. What if you could recapture some of that tax and interest in order to avoid debt and build wealth. These concepts will help real estate agents relieve themselves of unnecessary debt while also creating a more powerful value proposition that differentiates them in the marketplace.

Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the end in mind. When you start to think like this about your own life and career, you begin to treat your business and your household finances like a business and better decisions begin to flow.

Additionally, bringing a financial advisor’s conversations into the conversations that a real estate agent has with their clients elevates their value the typical agent and far above any discount broker, tech platform, or iBuyer.

Toby Mathis- Keep More of What You Earn

Real estate agents are able to keep more of their money, get more clients and get paid better by understanding simple tax strategies. In this episode, Toby Mathis, shares several that will blow you away.

Beth Kellan- Work-Life Balance as a Top Producer

Imagine saying: I’m only going to work within a 10 mile radius of my house and no appointments after 5:30 pm…. while still being a top producing real estate agent. Is that even possible.

I have with me today an agent that has done exactly that and you need to hear her and learn about how she’s done what she’s done.


Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.


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