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How to Thrive in a Real Estate Market Shift

There’s no question that a real estate market shift is in the air. Agents that learn the mindsets and skill sets will not only survive, they will thrive as they will scoop up market share from agents that don’t. An amazing opportunity is in front of us.

Level Up Your Real Estate Marketing with Jason Mendell

Today, real estate agents are not only competing against other Realtors for attention, but they are also competing against the likes of Netflix. In what you ask… what you share has to be not only informative but also entertaining or no one will pay attention. Today’s guest has set a new standard for real estate marketing.

Change Your Plan, Not Your Goal

When Patrick set out to achieve his bucket list goal of running the Boston Marathon, he couldn’t foresee the adversity that would stand between he and the starting line. Just a few months ago he broke both arms in a scootering accident. This is where most people would have said, “Not this year.”

Instead, Patrick found a way to keep the goal and change the plan on how to get there. There are deep lessons for all of us that think big, set big goals, yet live in a world that, by design, is filled with adversity.

Listen in to gain tactical insight and inspiration on how you can keep thinking and achieving big despite what surprises life might bring you.

Your Next Deal is Embedded in This Deal

What if your next transaction was embedded inside of your current transaction. Learn from Jennie Wolek, the exact wording of the PROMISE that you can make and EXPECTATION that you can set to make this a reality. Today’s episode will give you that.

Jennie Wolek not only speaks and trains around the country, but she has a very successful real estate business out of Tulsa, OK. You can follow her through her facebook group Your Journey with Jennie.


Residential real estate clients have choices like never before. They will continue to choose you if you can offer them convincing evidence to do so in the form of value. One of the ways to do so is to become a mentor to them and the best way for you to become a great mentor is to become a great mentee. Matthew Baltzell has built an impressive multi-family portfolio, freeing him up to live in Thailand, which is where he was during our broadcast. He and I discuss the principles of thinking bigger, getting mentors, and being sure that these mentors lead you down your right path.

Swimming with Sharks

We are approaching the end of a decade and preparing to launch into a new one. There are new opportunities and new threats swimming all around us. What is the best thing to be doing… gaining perspective and getting ourselves moving. Today’s episode is all about that as Amy discuss her experience swimming what might have been sharks and relates this to the real estate industry.

Turn Your Sphere Into Investors

Daray worked for a Top 4 Accounting firm while simultaneously realizing that he wanted to live a different life, a life with more freedom and more options. He needed his money to work for him instead of him just working for his money.

Fast forward to today, Daray is a lifestyle entrepreneur, powered by real estate investing who also serves as a business coach in helping others to do the same thing. He is also host of the podcast: Before the Millions. He’s bright, he’s generous, he’s a good man and together we’re going to teach you key systems and conversations for helping identify in your sphere, people similar to him, who want to leverage your knowledge to become a real estate investor.

Unlock Your Potential

Dr. Amanda Barrientez shares:
-what her coaching company NFA stands for (plug your kids’ ears)
-what holds us back
-how to tap into the “Genius Juice” that all of us have
-becoming a leader/advisor instead of just a sales person

I really got a lot out of Amanda’s deep experience as a coach and PhD.

How to Think Bigger with Grant Cardone

I don’t know of anyone more qualified to speak on thinking bigger than Grant Cardone. He is the author of the 10X Rule and the father of thinking big!

When I ask Grant, “What does a guy like you do to continue to think bigger?” ambitious people everywhere tune in.

When I ask Grant, “Why do you keep pushing at the level you’re pushing when you already have so much?” ambitious people everywhere perk up.

When Grant teaches what are the most important things to know about sustaining big success and choosing your mentors, we all want to know his answer.

This exclusive interview with Grant Cardone himself answers these questions and teaches these principles.

Asset Protection

This episode will do at least two things for you:

1. Give you superior knowlege about how to protect your own assets.
2. Give you superior knowledge that will allow you to increase your own value proposition by being able to start conversations with your clients about this same same topic, helping you to stand out from other real estate professionals.

Additionally, Brian shares his love of being a dad of two darling little girls and gives some great parenting advice as well.


Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.


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