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Stacey Dearth- What to know, and what to do with, iBuyers

Real estate agents need to not only understand what is an iBuyer, but they need to understand how embracing them can help them better serve their clients, filter out the wrong clients, and strengthen their own value proposition as a fiduciary and expert advisor.

Jason Abrams- Reshaping the Residential Real Estate Business

Dubbed the Jerry Maguire of real estate for his time on HGTV’s ‘Scoring the Deal’ in which Jason Abrams helped pro-athletes find their home, Jason is now investing deeply in reshaping the residential real estate business and he shares deep insights about thriving far into the future.

Additionally, Jason shares some profound insight on being a great father, learning from our children as well as learning how to learn at the highest level so that he continues to be a big thinker.

You are going to LOVE this episode… and you are going to love this guy. To learn more about him, you can find him at

Jeff Cohn- The Nation’s #1 Berkshire Hathaway Agent

Jeff Cohn and owner of Elite Real Estate Systems and I concurrently interviewed each other… and it was AWESOME!!

You can learn a lot from a guy who gets personal shoutouts from Grant Cardone, whose team sells 750 homes a year and who likely coaches the highest producers in your marketplace.

You don’t want to miss this one… the Think Bigger Real Estate Show taken to a whole new level. Thank you, Jeff Cohn! I look forward to our next conversation.

Micah Dyson- The Do’s and Don’ts of Video

Real estate agents today know that video is an essential piece of gaining mindshare, which leads to market share. What they don’t necessarily know is some of the best practices to make your videos stick in the minds of your audience.

I have with me today Micah Dyson with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation who studied film in college and today helps agents succeed at this very thing.

Robby Trefethren- Lead Conversion LIVE Event

The fortune is in the follow-up and that is why most real estate agents have not yet made their fortune… because they’re lacking this skill-set.

The follow-up king himself, Robby T, is hosting an event tomorrow, June 18th, 2019 to help you–

Jim Remley- Deeper Connection in a Digital World

We have more connections than ever before, yet CONNECTION than ever before. Those that can master today’s topic will stand out and win!

Today we hear from operating principal broker and thought leader, Jim Remley, to discuss this very topic on the digital world.

Linda Quinn- Real Estate Agents and Passive Income

Newsflash… there is no 401K or pension for the typical real estate agent. It behooves them to start thinking ASAP about creating passive income so that they aren’t senile and still marketing properties. Or as Linda says, marketing properties until you’re pushing up daisies!

Today’s guest, Linda Quinn, has dozens of rental properties and has committed to a brokerage model, both of which create a passive income, so to speak. She brings up some great points that anyone can learn from.

Karin Carr- Agents Are Killing it With YouTube

I am literally watching firsthand, agents that had no YouTube presence or strategy prior, closing deals right and left as a result of some very simple YouTube strategies.

I have with me today the industry’s foremost expert when it comes to teaching agents how to do this, Karin Carr. Yes, this is for you, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Geoff Woods- The ONE Thing

At any given time, there is one thing that you can do and by doing it, will make everything else easier or unnecessary. Living this one principle can change everything for you.

We have the leader of the Living Your ONE Thing movement, Mr. Geoff Woods to talk about how to take your home life and your business to the next level using this principle.


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