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Prospecting with Purpose and Heart

Ricky Carruth, a RE/Max agent out of Alabama, is making waves in the real estate industry by selling over 100 homes per year as a solo agent and has created the first entirely free real estate coaching program in the country called Zero to Diamond.
In this episode, Ricky goes into his feelings about paid coaching programs as well as having the heart enough to actually call and take care of clients and prospective clients.

Grant Cardone 10X Mentoring Takeaways

How do real estate agents grow their business? This is a question that both Justin Stoddart and Mike Ciorrocco, aka C-Roc, are incessantly working to answer. Grant Cardone is a mentor to both Mike and Justin in Grant’s 10X Mentoring program in which they have learned, and share on this episode, what real estate agents need to do to think bigger and grow their business.


How to sell a lot of homes and work by referral. Yes, you can have a big business while also having personal relationships with your clients. There is a myth that real estate agents have to choose between the two. Haris, whose team sold 172 homes last year while maintaining very personal relationships with his clients, has proven otherwise.

Build a Thriving Online Community with Joe Fustolo

Justin Stoddart Hey, welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I'm your host Justin Stoddart, very excited to have back a good friend of mine. And somebody who's loved around the city of Portland, for sure. and beyond. His name is Joe Fustolo. Today, we're...

Recruiting Tips for Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re newer in the business or growing a big team or brokerage, at some point you’re going to need to attract talent if you want to grow your business. Today’s episode will give you 3 key points for you to improve your ability to do this.

How to Maximize Your Sponsorship Dollars

Real estate agents are often approached with sponsorship opportunities. How do you know to what you should say “YES!” and to what you should politely decline? How much money should you commit to marketing and advertising? What are some key ways to stand out as opposed to being one of many that don’t stand out?

How to Thrive in a Real Estate Market Shift

There’s no question that a real estate market shift is in the air. Agents that learn the mindsets and skill sets will not only survive, they will thrive as they will scoop up market share from agents that don’t. An amazing opportunity is in front of us.

Level Up Your Real Estate Marketing with Jason Mendell

Today, real estate agents are not only competing against other Realtors for attention, but they are also competing against the likes of Netflix. In what you ask… what you share has to be not only informative but also entertaining or no one will pay attention. Today’s guest has set a new standard for real estate marketing.

Change Your Plan, Not Your Goal

When Patrick set out to achieve his bucket list goal of running the Boston Marathon, he couldn’t foresee the adversity that would stand between he and the starting line. Just a few months ago he broke both arms in a scootering accident. This is where most people would have said, “Not this year.”

Instead, Patrick found a way to keep the goal and change the plan on how to get there. There are deep lessons for all of us that think big, set big goals, yet live in a world that, by design, is filled with adversity.

Listen in to gain tactical insight and inspiration on how you can keep thinking and achieving big despite what surprises life might bring you.


Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.


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