Have you heard about the Undercover Billionaire on the Discovery Channel? 

Where they take a billionaire, give them a new name, a new look and $100… that’s it! They aren’t able to utilize any of their existing network or money to build a multi-million dollar business back in just 90 days. 

Crazy, huh? 

Well, one of the show guests is a former guest of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show, the uber-successful Grant Cardone. 

Does he do it? How does he do it? I know I had all of the same questions. 

And then it happened… 


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I’m sure you’ve heard of the name, Grant Cardone and his 10X movement. For those of you that follow Grant are very familiar with the fact that the guy is big his life. Now, he turns some people off, but there’s a lot of lessons that we can learn from a guy who went from literally nothing to becoming a billionaire.

The interesting thing about what grant did recently, is he agreed to be on a show called the Undercover Billionaire, in which they take people of that net worth, and they drop them in a city, with only $100. They have to change their name, change their identity, shave their heads, where nobody can recognize them. And then in 90 days, they’re given the task of building back a multimillion dollar business.

Now I find this super fascinating because, of course, we always look at people like that. We say, Well, of course they can do it, they’ve got this big brand, this big name. But what if you were to take all that away? How would they do it again? And how would they do it quickly? Now before we get into the how of how Grant Cardone did this, I want to remind you to subscribe to this channel, like the video, and be sure to hit the little notification bell so you don’t miss out on any more insight on how to create a successful business and a very significant life.

So the very first thing that Grant Cardone had to do was to find a place to sleep. Yeah, I told you like he was given nothing, right? So he went to an RV dealer made a deal with them to find out like, what can I possibly do for you, in exchange for a place to sleep? Yeah, pretty fascinating, right?

So from there, you start to see this progression of Grant moving very quickly. Again, he’s got 90 days to build a million dollar business.

And you know what he did, he began to network very quickly to identify who are the most influential people in that little town that could help him the most.

You know, what that reminds me of? It actually reminds me of the book, The Upstream Model.

That’s right, I didn’t tell Grant to go apply the Upstream Model. What I did though, is I wrote these concepts inside of a book that teach not just real estate agents, but any well paid professional, whether you’re in title, whether you’re in mortgage, whether you’re in insurance, whether you’re in wealth management or real estate, these principles will work for you.

Now, as this saga unfolds on the Discovery Channel with Grant Cardone, we’re going to continue to identify exactly how he goes about rebuilding an empire in a very short period of time. But I guarantee these same principles that again, work for all these other industries, are also going to continue to work for him.

It’s quite simple math. We only have so much time. And if we try and focus on so many people that most of them can’t help us, we’re going to end up with not a very good sized business and not a very significant life, we have to focus on and identify who are the people in the marketplace that can help us the most.

And then we have to move our attention to adding the most amount of value to those people. Because those people, when given proper value can open up doors that nobody else could, that’s just a sneak peek of what you’re going to get when you watch the Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone.

And when you read the book, the Upstream Model, the two go together very, very nicely. I was really, really pleased to see that and hear that, again, these are true principles. The reality is you and I cannot have a very successful business and a significant life. If we try and focus on serving the whole world, this huge database of whether it be warm market or whether it be cold market, we have to identify those individuals in the marketplace that can help us the very most, we have to network into them in very strategic ways, which I outlined in the book. And then we also have to find ways to add significant amounts of value, changing our complete identity in the eyes of that particular professional so that they don’t see us as a typical solicitor or vendor, but to where they see us as a mentor and as a peer and someone that they need to be in business with. That’s the key.

Those are the principles you learn from the book and the other training materials that I offer to you. So again, if you don’t yet have your copy of the Upstream Model book, get going.

I’ve offered a free plus shipping offer in the show notes. So get your copy and start building your empire faster, better today. So again, you can have both a successful business and a significant life.

And remember, Go Think igger