The reason why you may struggle to generate new opportunities consistently is that you struggle to do the right activities consistently.
The reason you struggle doing the right activities consistently is that the activities you have chosen are out of alignment with your strengths and interests.
Once you uncover your superpower and find lead generation activities that are in alignment, you’ll find that you LOVE to do these activities, which means that you’ll do them consistently.
And when you do them consistently, you’ll get consistent opportunities and consistent results… even endless results.
Join me as I help you walk through how to uncover your superpower.

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What’s up, everybody Justin Stoddart here very excited to be with you today, talking about how to find your superpower.

We’re in a different market than we have been in previous years. We all know that. And, by the way, I’m in a little bit different studio today. Indoors. My office, by the way, is not that climate control when it gets to be 100 degrees in Oregon, I find I find refuge in our indoor inside Office. Anyway, thanks, I’ve got a couple to choose from. Anyway, today’s topic, again, is gonna be all about finding your superpower, you and I both know that when you are in your area of brilliance, it’s hard to stop you. It’s hard to have you not doing the activities that produce results. And you and I both know that consistent activity creates consistent results. So what is the mystery that why is it at times that we feel like we’ve got all the energy in the world to be doing the right things to produce the right results. And other times we don’t, let’s simply what we just identified is that when you’re out of alignment with what is your superpower, what ends up happening is that you end up you end up not doing activities, you have to you have to through like grit and self will and determination, you have to pump yourself up every day of I’m gonna go generate leads, I’ve gotta go, I’ve got to go lead generate, we find that to be very draining. I’ve heard it described before, that our, our our will, our determination is like a reservoir. And at the beginning of the day, that reservoir is full. But as the day goes on, that reservoir goes down, down, down, down. And so we end up not having the energy and the self will later in the day to do the things that we need to do. And here’s the other challenge is that rather than leveraging the fact that the beginning of our day, we have all of this, this this self discipline reservoir that’s high, we open our inbox and we start our day in our inbox. So that time when we have the highest potential, the highest propensity to actually do the work that maybe we don’t really want to do, what ends up happening is that we waste that away being on somebody else’s errand, because we’re reading other people’s emails and requests of us, as opposed to buckling down and doing the work that we know we should do. So there’s a couple of tips in there for you is that putting your email in some very tight parameters, putting on a short leash, if you will, and also setting the expectation with those that you are interacting with and that you are serving, that I check emails very first thing in the morning, and I don’t check them until noon. Because I have some very important work to be doing some some ongoing commitments, that take me until about 11 o’clock. So that’s one hack that you can use. But keep in mind that you will always find a way out of doing the work that you don’t want to do, you might be able to trick yourself into doing it once or twice or inconsistently. But that’s exactly probably why you’re listening to this today is I want more consistent results. And I know Justin, I know Justin than if I just did the right activities consistently, I’d probably get consistent results. So today, we want to spend time on what is the disconnect? How do we find our superpower, so that your lead generation activities and efforts are aligned with your superpower because once they are once your activities, and your methods to generate new business are aligned with your superpowers, what ends up happening is it’s not a grind, you aren’t having to tap deep into those reserves of self will grit and determination. Because you actually love to do the work, you actually love to do the activities. That’s the big disconnect guys, that’s that’s really the bridge that we need to build is finding that area of brilliance finding that superpower being sure that it’s a legitimate way to get new business. And as you do that, you will find that it’s not a grind, it’s not a get up and, and force my way, you know my way through this. So this I think will be really helpful for you. So how do we write this is the big question. How do we then find what our superpower is? I want to start going to reverse engineer what it takes to get a converted lead or referral. One of my mentors teaches me not just once but twice and over and over again. That conversion happens in conversation. And all too often we don’t we don’t realize that or we forget that. The fact that we don’t

we that our main goal is not to get into conversations. In the real estate industry. There is no other way to do business that you are in the conversation business. Many, many, many agents that I’ve interviewed from all around the country who produce at very high levels. It’s unanimous that the more real estate related conversations you have, the more money you’ll make, period. Even if your conversion rates aren’t that high If you they will get high as you have more and more conversations, you’ll figure that part out. But it comes down to how do I get into more and more real estate related conversations. So if that is the end goal is to be in real estate related conversations, then first and foremost, we have to recognize that the highest, or maybe the lowest rung on the ladder is attention. Okay, we start off, we have to get people’s attention. If people have forgotten you, like they forgotten that you’re in real estate, there is a 0% chance that they will use you on the next transaction zero, they’ve forgotten that you are exist, or they have forgotten that you are in real estate. So the very first rung that we need to step up onto is attention. Okay, now I’m circling back on how to find your superpower. But I need to create the background here, I need to be sure that we’re finding your superpower that fits within the proper framework of how to convert somebody into being a client. Okay, so first and foremost, we have to have their attention. There’s a number of ways to do that. We’ll talk about some of those here in a minute. But think about what will use social media as the example. Oftentimes, all we do is seek attention. We seek vanity metrics. And we forget the fact that we’re actually trying to do more than that, because, again, we don’t get deals from vanity metrics. Very few. And you might hear an occasional agent that’s got a massive following up, I had somebody call me off Instagram, right? My guess is that they probably actually stepped up the next couple of ladders and didn’t realize it, but very rarely does somebody just simply get a cold call off of Instagram, it happens. You and I both heard about it. But I wouldn’t bank on it. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t say you can you can consider your mortgage and your kids college paid for based off that strategy. Right? Unless you unless you invest enormous amounts of effort and and investment into that, which is okay, that’s another strategy. Right? But if if we’re the conversation now we’re like, how do I consistently create business that I can count on? Number one, you need to have a strategy to get attention. But with this in mind, that attention without engagement doesn’t do you very much doesn’t do you much good. So your attention needs to also be needs to be connected to engagement. Because after engagement comes conversations, and conversion happens inside of conversations. So no conversations, no business. Okay? No engagement, no conversations, no attention, no engagement. So attention, engagement, conversations, conversion. Okay. So with that as some background, some framework, to how we go about finding your superpower, I want to be sure that we’re seeking out a superpower that actually helps you to ascend that ladder. Okay? Because that is critical. appreciate the comments here, guys already, for those of you that are watching this live, got some great comments coming in just fuels my fire knowing that this is helping somebody good stuff, guys. For those of you that may be listening to this afterwards, as a podcast, I just want to do a quick plug here. If by chance you are in a spot right now, where your leads, sources have dried up, and you’re like I need more leads, they worked fine over the past seven, eight years, they’re not working fine. Now, I would encourage you to reach out to us, we have a very simple strategy that helps you to get referrals beyond just your friends and clients, but from other professionals. And those other professionals are able to do it frequently, consistently. And in a way that those are warm, great referrals. So if you haven’t, if we haven’t had that conversation, yet encourage you to reach out to us, you can actually make a comment if you’re if you’re watching this live, let’s chat. Or if by chance you’re listening to the podcast, just go to think bigger our E like real estate, think bigger and click on the get our help and walk you through a quick survey, we’ll be able to just have a conversation to share more about how we help agents. Jumping back into the topic here I want to now talk about how we within the framework of of what we’re trying to accomplish, which is to get into conversations with more people.

One way that we know that it’s our superpower, is the fact that it’s not a grind, right? We kind of shared this illustration of what it feels like to be out of alignment, where you got to pump yourself up every day to go do the work. Eventually that fails. And it creates inconsistency which creates inconsistent results. So you know, you’re not in the right spot. You’re not in your area of brilliance when you have to pump yourself up and go listen to motivational music and rock out in order to do it. Right. That shouldn’t be that shouldn’t have to be part of your strategy. It should just become a natural byproduct of the way that you like to operate. It should just become a natural thing that you love to do. Now I’m sure you’re probably like yeah, that sounds Great, I’d love lead generation to feel that way. And it can and it should. And that’s what I’m here to share with you today. It can and it should. Okay. So very specifically, how do we get to that? Well, how do we know that we’re there? It’s because we actually have more energy at the end of the day or after those conversations than before we entered into those conversations. That’s a way that you know, you’re in your area of brilliance. I’m gonna share with you a personal story here. Now, my wife always audits my conversations. When I talk, especially to my family, specifically, my brother. Our conversations are very transactional. Like we have a very good friendship, very good relationship. But we like to talk business like that’s our sports. He’s always like, You guys are so boring. Like, you guys don’t actually talk about anything interesting. In our conversations, usually five to 10 minutes max, then we’re done. We’re checking in on How’s business going? What’s happening, what’s happening in your world. We touch on family, we touch on some other things. But that’s our sport. That’s what we love to talk about. She’s always like, Oh, my goodness, that’s so weird. You get off the phone so quickly, and you talk about really boring stuff. And meanwhile, she gets on the phone with her sisters. And they’ll literally be on the phone for like two hours while they’re doing laundry. They’re just walking around the house. And they’re having like this ongoing conversation, there’ll be times where the phone is silent for like five minutes. And they’re just doing their work. And then one of them bring up a conversation like it to me it’s a super weirdest thing. Like very odd. And to her. That’s her. She loves this ongoing, kind of like conversation that drags on and on. That’s just not my style. I’m a cut to the chase kind of guy like, let’s, let’s build some stuff. Let’s fix some stuff. Let’s do some stuff, right? That’s kind of how I operate. So if I had to go about getting business, the way my wife would go about getting business, I’d go nuts, right? If I had to like chit chat with somebody for two hours before we finally talked about real estate, I would seriously go nuts, I would be out of the business, like right away. So for me, it’s like, I want to talk shop, let’s talk business. Like let’s get to it. And then over time, I want to build friendships with people, right. But I want to lead with friendship. And I spend hours and hours and hours chit chatting to see if there’s a premise for us to help each other business wise. That’s just not the way to operate. And and so for you, you to ask yourself, what are the conversations that afterwards I feel invigorated? I’m excited. That’s how you know you’re in your area of brilliance is when you really start to hone in on that. And you’re like, dang,

that was a fun conversation. Now, you might physically be kind of tired at the end of the day, but like emotionally kind of like, Man, that was that was a fun conversation. Okay, so it’s super important that when you are in the process of identifying what is my superpower, think back now about the types of conversations you’d like to have, even when it’s not about like business related? Like how do you like to interact with your clients, that leaves you at a at a higher energy level? Okay, if you can do that, then you know that, okay, that’s the top. That’s the general topics. That’s the way I like to operate, where I really feel like I can be my authentic self. I’m not trying to read a script and be somebody I’m not, like I actually enjoy the conversations. Now share with you is that I’ve recently taken a liking to the platform of LinkedIn. Why? Because it’s right up my alley, right? Where it’s like, I get to have business related conversations with people. It’s not odd for me to say, Hey, we should talk about business. Right? In fact, on inside this group, where it’s the premise of we talk about business in here, I’m very comfortable. I love sharing family stuff, don’t get me wrong. But to go on to my personal profile and Facebook and try and talk about business. It just feels like, like out of sorts, like I feel out of sorts, and I feel a little bit out of place. So my question to you is, and this is kind of a segue into this is what types of conversations do you like to have that give you higher energy? And number two, with whom do you like to have them? Like with whom do you like to have those conversations? Is it fellow fellow entrepreneurs, fellow business owners, you can also start to identify who’s the niche of people that I like to serve. This also starts to align with your superpower, right? When I’m talking to people about how to scale a warm market business, and really get referrals flowing in from other professionals, I can have a conversation all day long. It’s super fun for me because it’s a passion of mine. Okay, that becomes that has become my superpower, my area of brilliance of helping people to scale a warm market business, to help them to think bigger about their possibilities, to imagine a life of not just a successful business, but a significant life. Like I can freakin talk about that stuff all day long. And I love it. I love every bit of it. So for you, what is it that you’d like to talk about? Okay, it doesn’t have to be what I like to talk about. All right. Thankfully, we don’t all have the same interest in the same because we’d all want the same clients. We all want the same thing when we’re very unique. And that’s the beautiful thing about it. That’s why each of us have a unique area of brilliance, a unique superpower that really sets us apart from everybody else. Okay, now some of you have taken a DISC profile before some of you have taken some other types of personality profiles. Now I’m a firm believer in what a good friend of mine Benjamin Hardy teaches is that personality is not permanent. But those personality profiles can be a good indicator to you as to maybe where to start right if You’re fewer a high D high you like people you like growth Go, go go, right, you’re a decision maker, you move. But if by chance it you’re like more of an S or an AI, or to like more steady, like more details, then you may want to fill up your life and your conversations with people. Right? Not just the what, but the who people that also like those types of conversations, so becomes helpful for you to identify that, okay. I need to be in conversations. And in order to get engagement, and I need to get attention. So if that’s the ladder that I’m ascending with every potential client that I meet with, what is it that I like to talk about? And who are the people that I like to talk about that with? And the other component of that is, what is the value, that unique value that I could bring to the table? Right? You may have? And this really comes down to like, what makes what makes you happy? It seems so simple, of like, when people come to me say, Justin, I’m wanting to really start to grow my business, like what do you recommend? And I said, it really depends. I can give you what I would do what I do if I’m in your shoes, but I’m not in your shoes. So that’s not a blanket cop out answer. I’m just saying that we need more information. What is the stuff that you like to do? What’s the stuff that gets you excited? For some people? It’s like, Man, I can look at the numbers of real estate all day long. For me, that just doesn’t light me up. Right? I know, it’s a necessary thing. But it’s it doesn’t light me up. Okay, strategy, business strategy, business growth, personal growth, personal development, developing people building business that lights me up. I can talk about that all day long. So for you, what is it that you like to talk about? and in what format? Do you prefer? Texting? Do you prefer? You know, social media messaging? Message messaging, as a word? Is it a phone call fate? Is it voice to voice you’d love being on the phone? Do you love being face to face with people, right? Is that your love language is that your thing? If it is, then that’s where you need to go, you can start to craft your day, with the end goal of I’m going to be in conversations with people eventually about real estate.

But these conversations need to be authentic. They need to be me they need to be things that I love things that I enjoy talking about with people who I enjoy talking about and what when you can do that. When your energy levels high, your happiness is high, your authenticity levels high. It’s really hard to stop you. Right? You can start to now craft your day of like, how do I get into those environments all the time? That’s where your superpower belongs, what’s the unique value that I can bring to the table? How do I like to transmit that data? How to share that value? Right? I believe that that was some of this information, you can go back and start to really evaluate. Okay, first start from the top, I need to be in conversations. Okay. And to be in conversations, I need to be engaged with people like with engagement, I need to get their attention. Okay, great. I got that. Now, it’s what do I like to talk about with whom do I like to talk to, with With whom do I like to talk to about these topics? In what modalities and what methods? How do I want to transmit this information? Okay, using those things, you should be able to reverse engineer how you want to go about generating new business. And as you do that, you’re going to have the ability to start to take a look almost like an ala carte. What are all the different ways that I can be generating business? Is it cold calling for sale by owner? Right? Then you go back and look, I can get into conversations that way? Does it give my energy up? So people are like, Yes, I love turning those people from being a little bit cranky to love me. That’s awesome, right? That might be you it might not be you. Okay, is it following up with internet leads? Is that it? Maybe Maybe that is I just like spending time with friends and family and past clients. If that’s you, as long as that gets you to your goal, then that that’s your superpower, right? But it’s like Where can you bring good energy? Where can you bring your authentic self that is your superpower. Okay? Now if you’re like me, I love talking business strategy. I love talking business. I love having having strategic business conversations. So the upstream model that I teach and have a whole crew of private coaching clients that I help walk them through specifically how to create partnerships that send them a lot of recurring, frequent, warm referrals. That’s that’s me that’s what I love to do. And I’m attracting people that are like, Man, I, I like being in business conversations. I come out of the business world to come into the corporate world or I just love entrepreneurship. I love helping people grow the business. I help loving people develop themselves and love help solving problems and other people’s lives. That would be the upstream model becomes a very good fit for you. So I can’t tell you what that is. You get to tell you what that is. Now I’d be more than happy. If you want some help kind of evaluating what that looks like for you. I’d be more than happy to, if you again go to my website, think bigger So get our help. And we can set up a time for you and I to walk through and I can help kind of guide you through who do I think my opinion. Alright, help you vet a little bit for yourself? What is it? Where do you fit where you’re, where’s your superpower so that you can consistently do the activities that will produce results. Okay. Love all the feedback here. You guys so much. This is awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate the involvement and the attention. If this has been helpful. Again, let me know in the comments, maybe even tag somebody if they’re not in the group yet. Do me a favor, add them to our group. Just go up and invite them we’d love to welcome them in give them lots of free value, helping them to scale their warm market business helping them to think bigger. We’d love that. So please do that for us. If this has been helpful if by chance you listen to the podcasts afterwards, please give us a review. And be sure to engage with us. We want to be in conversation with you to see if we’re the right fit to help you. So anyway, appreciate everybody tuning in today for this, this live stream and I look forward to interacting with you all soon. Take care friends