Although it may seem like a mystery why some agents are more successful in selling more properties and some are not. In this episode we share the principles and tools that will set you on a focused path so you can achieve your goal!

My background is in high-end homebuilding. I was accustomed to managing 20+ subcontractors, plus a custom luxury homeowner who often makes changes along the way. I learned early on the importance of keeping budgets and timelines on track by remaining clear and focused on the overall vision for the sake of productivity. 

I’ve hired consultants to train these tendencies in my own business practices, and I’m here to share them with you!

No Back Door

Committing to Plan A alone allows you to stay committed to the dream, freedom and productivity because of clarity. You will want to be clear on both why you do what you do, as well as what to produce day to day. 

Onward with Plan A!

Not losing ground

Staying focused on a plan and strategies to accomplish it will allow you to maintain momentum. If you’re consistently doing the right activities, you will get results! Be aware of the circumstances of your market that may require you to choose different tactics within your chosen methods (ie: if your tactic is cold calling, there are better markets than others to call on expired listings, and so forth.)

If you are focused on building a referral-based business, now is a great time to learn how to apply the Upstream Model with us and learn how to serve industries outside of Real Estate that could benefit from your expertise, people who are going to come across prospective buyers and sellers who have no choice but to move because of their circumstance (ie: divorce, etc). Let us show you how to go deep on these relationships!

Know your dollar-per-hour

Being productive is not the same as staying busy, it is being consistent with the things that are in line with your projected dollar per hour. If you need assistance calculating this or refining your productivity tasks, reach out! We can help you delegate unnecessary tasks to the right systems, people or processes that will help you remain focused on the things that bring your desired income.

Vision Board + Blueprint

The Think Bigger Blueprint has been specifically curated to activate your goals and show you exactly where and why to put your time and money to stay on track! We have designed a brand new dashboard that will populate with clear tactics and projects at your discretion. Keep your eye on the vision and on the tasks each and every day, and watch your results move closer to fruition with control and predictability. That’s how you conduct a business plan! 

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