Do you ever feel like you give so much attention to working IN your business that you aren’t finding time to work ON your business?

Do you ever feel like there are areas of your personal life, including your physical health, mental health, relationships, spiritual life, and even your financial life, that often take a backseat due to the frenzied nature of your day?

You’re not alone.

The good news is that you may be one-morning routine away from feeling more in control of your business and your life.

Join me for this exclusive training for the Think Bigger Real Estate Community as I share the simple framework that makes such a difference to me as a father of 6, a business owner and an advisor to multiple additional businesses.

A life of success is built by having successful years that are built by successful quarters, successful quarters by successful months, successful months by successful weeks and successful weeks by successful days, and even hours.

Those who have mastered a productive day have mastered their routines, focusing on the right things at the right time. 

What should you focus on?

You are a whole person, built by more than just business productivity. Consider the book “The 8th Habit” by Stephen R. Covey, bringing focus on these areas of your life:

  • Body – physical exercise 
  • Mind – learning, growing
  • Heart – connection to people we love
  • Spirit – connection to something bigger than yourself 

Now let’s add:

  • Enterprise – the business you build, and then learn to scale

What does a day look like in this framework?

Personal Pillars

I have chosen to frame my day with these based on my own priorities. This may look different for you but I want to share mine to give you an example. 

5am-6am “Spirit”: I begin each day in the “Spirit” frame of mind, a priority for me where I pray and search the scriptures, then I share it with family members and pour into the lives of others around me. 

6am-6:45am “Body”: The next 30-45 minutes are a rigorous exercise routine with an accountability partner. 

7am-8am “Heart”: I spend time with my kids, eating breakfast with them, making lunches and driving them to school.

8am-8:30am “Mind”: The first thing I do for my business is to engage in growing myself, committed to reading a chapter or about 10 pages each and every day. I practice proactive listening by incorporating as many learning modalities as possible. Currently, I am studying a book called “Traction” and actively learning by playing audiobook while taking notes and reading along.

Enterprise Pillar

It is not until all these priorities are put into place for my day that I start working in my business. I choose to sideline my business alerts and engagement until the previous routines are completed. Then instead of getting consumed by email and demands, I choose to take a brief sweep through my inbox to seek urgent matters I can respond to. This is important because if we aren’t careful, email can consume our entire day. Remember, you would not expect to find the CEO of a company in the mailroom all hours of the day! I take this practice into my business, and have so trained my database to call if it’s truly urgent, and other important matters will be seen every 2-3 hours when I revisit my inbox (mailroom). 

As I’m sweeping my inbox to zero, I think through these filters:

  • Delete it
  • Do it
  • Delegate it
  • Delay it (move to a task list and I revisit these tasks each afternoon)

Now I’m ready for revenue producing activities, which are the following:

  • Conversation with people that allow me to grow revenue
  • Interactions with existing clients and following up with prospects 
  • Appointments to identify partners in new ventures and potential clients 

Knowing this framework for a day based on my purpose and my greater vision, I can stay focused and have a clear plan to add value to those people and priorities in my life that matter most. 

What about when the plan can’t be met?

If I cannot carry out the full routine due to an important or unavoidable interruption or nuance, I make each pillar abbreviated. I recently added a meeting three mornings per week at 6am. Since I start on my “Enterprise” by 6am, I still make time for my other pillars, I just may move them out of order or adjust their time frame (ie: still do 10 push ups to work on my physical goals even if I can’t workout a full half hour). This allows me to continue to be my whole self, regardless of uncontrollable circumstances or necessary responsibilities. 

It’s better to work toward an ideal than forsake a routine altogether. If you commit to touching on the first four areas of body, mind, spirit and heart each day and completing them fully as responsibilities allow, you will have more energy, gratitude and purpose and ultimately create better days that lead to that complete, whole life you are working to create. 

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