Why Most Business Plans Don’t Work

  • They are boring spreadsheet that doesn’t emotionally inspire one to come back and spend time looking at it and implementing it into their life
  • They aren’t set up to be seen regularly (meaning the plan is often sitting in some file on your desktop or printed off in some file instead of being opened and reviewed daily)

What’s the Solution?

  • Don’t create a business plan, create a Think Bigger Blueprint
  • Create an accompanying digital Vision Board that compels you to want to come back and review it daily
  • Situate the plan on your bookmarks bar to where you see it first thing
  • Keep it open to where you look at it regularly as if you were looking at a maps app on your phone, navigating you to your destination

Include in Your Big WHY

  • Motivation is often fleeting. Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing the activities that the fulfillment of our plan demands.
  • When we include in a bigger picture of what we are building and get when we consistently perform our activities, we are more likely to do the work even when we don’t feel like it

Be Intentional with Your Schedule

  • When we decide in advance the days we will work and the vacations we will take, the chances of  us living according to those plans increases
  • Doing so also allows us to enjoy the anticipation of a trip

Know Your Dollar Per Hour

  • Calculate your dollar per hour to use as a filter for the things you should be doing and the things you should NOT be doing
  • As you identify things that are not consistent with your dollar per hour, outsource or delegate with the help of a person, system, or tool. If these activities don’t serve anyone, delete them from your day altogether.

Know Your Numbers

  • You should know what it costs to work with sellers and with buyers
  • You should know the GCI number you need to hit to reach your 1-year goals
  • You should know your price points, commission levels and conversion rates so that you can come up with a number of appointments you should go on each week

Lead Generation by Intention

  • Once you know your numbers, decide on three lead generation pillars. In other words, what are the three sources on which you’re going to focus to get the majority of your leads in the coming year.
  • Within those pillars, identify the key activities that you need to do both weekly and daily to get you the number of appointments.
  • Choose the best and least amount of activities necessary to get you to your goal. Put these activities in your calendar as time blocks.

The Think Bigger Operating System

  • If you have set goals in the past and not done the work to accomplish them, you’re not alone. That is the story of most real estate agent. 
  • Why is that? It’s because they’re working from a failed operating system. Meaning, they open their inbox and their social media accounts and do what comes at them instead working by intention. 
  • A better option is to have your Vision Board, your Blueprint (Business Plan), a dashboard that tells you where you’re at all of the time, and then an Accountability Form that has all of the pre-selected activities from which you are guided and into which check off if you’ve completed those activities or not. 
  • If you’d like to have a private tour of what the Think Bigger Operating System could do for you, email Justin to schedule a private tour: justin@thinkbiggerRE.com

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