In the words of Dan Rochon:

“Inconsistent deals can cause you to feel physical anxiety. And not knowing how you will pay your rent or mortgage, car bill, or feed your kids SUCKS.”

Since hitting some lows in business and life, Dan has gone on to now average over 10 closings per month since 2008.

In today’s exclusive training for the Think Bigger Real Estate Community, Dan is going to tell us exactly how he’s done that.

And even more important than how Dan has done that, he’s going to share how he also helps other agents never have a broke month again.

Consistent Results in your Real Estate Business

Dan Rochon, Top Real Estate Agent from Virginia, shares his mindset from an incredible result of over 15 straight years of at least 10 closed real estate transactions per month. He brings us three tactical exercises from his own study of excellence as a tri-athlete and a top-agent to reflect on our own business practices and learn how we, too, can have these consistent results!

Exercise No. 1

  1. Why do I sell Real Estate?
    1. Freedom and Money
    2. Make your answer personal 
  2. What’s important to you about the answer to Question 1?
  3. What is important to you about that?
  4. What is important to me about that?

Move through this process, boiling down your reflections until you have a clear statement that means something to you at the deepest psychological level. 


Here is an example:

I sell Real Estate so I can afford my daughter’s private school which means I am worthy father. 

Exercise No. 2

  1. How can I sell Real Estate?
    1. Door-knocking 
    2. Join a BNI Networking Group
    3. FSBO
    4. Expired Listings 
    5. FB Advertising/Groups/Social Media Presence
    6. Video Advertising 
    7. Radio
    8. TV
    9. The Upstream Model
    10. Lead Generation Websites 
    11. And more!

Exercise No. 3

  1. Make a list of your strengths and talents. What is my superpower?
  2. Match your “superpower” to the list in Exercise No. 2 and select 2-3 best options for your activities that will play to your strengths! 
  3. Visualize yourself doing those activities


Your Job Description 

The only thing that can stop your momentum is a lack of activity. These exercises in succession will help you boil down a personal job description to which you can adhere in order to create your own consistent results. 


Per Dan’s advice, money-making activities follow this structure – your creativity lies in how you choose to do these five activities! 


  1. Lead Generate
  2. Convince leads to meet with you
  3. Meet so you can get hired 
  4. Negotiate 
  5. Scripts/Role Play


If you’ve selected the Upstream Model for a business by relationships and referrals, schedule a time to let me help you create a plan that will match your strengths and bring you consistent results! 


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