In case any of you missed my 📣 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, here is the CliffsNotes version…

**INVITATION: Send me a quick email, to discuss how I can help you build a successful business and significant life**

Why I left an extremely safe and lucrative corporate job:

1.Interest rates, inflation and agent count are all UP while inventory and per agent dollar are DOWN. Agents are feeling the pinch. Meanwhile, many of the traditional forms of generating business are bent if not broken–leaving real estate agents wanting more income, more time, or more of both.

2.Many of the coaching models, designed to help agents succeed, are bent if not broken.

3.Everything within my soul was telling me I needed to step out of my extremely lucrative and comfortable corporate job and go to work to help at a deeper level.

What I announced:

1.I’m no longer employed as an executive of a Fortune 500 title company.

2.I am entirely focused on my role as the Founder and CEO of Think Bigger, LLC, the teammates that we employ, and most importantly, the clients that we serve.

3.Think Bigger Real Estate, which started off as a podcast, has now become a platform and a network to help real estate agents build a successful business and a significant life

How I’ll be helping:

1.I have developed a referral generation model that helps agents and other professionals to have a stream of warm referrals in any economy.

2.I have developed a coaching model that offers both the insight and the leverage (my team) to get my referral generation model implemented into your business.

3.I have developed 5 pillars to freedom–the areas that must be dialed in order to build a business that allows you to also live a significant life. I will be working closely with my clients and partners to help them to master these five areas and create the life they really want.

What Now:

1.If you have more questions, reply to this email and I’m happy to answer them.

2.If you want to wish me well, I’d love to hear that too

Go Think Bigger-

Justin Stoddart

BTW- I’m not thinking smaller anytime soon.

If you want to chat about how you can become a part of Think Bigger Real Estate on any number of levels, we should talk sooner than later.

Send me a quick email, to discuss how I can help you build a successful business and significant life.