The best way to ensure that you are working with motivated buyers and sellers is to build relationships with and get referrals from professionals in other industries who are already working with these individuals.

Motivated Buyers and Sellers

We’ve all been around co-workers or employees who needed to be motivated all of the time It’s exhausting. Instead of wasting our time on people that need constant motivation, a better solution is to go find motivated people. 

As a real estate agent, that same principle also applies to our buyers and sellers. Trying to motivate them to buy and sell is exhausting. Instead, we should spend our time finding already motivated buyers and sellers.

When you have the right model, this process is simple and enjoyable.

The Right Model

One of the best ways to learn and understand the right model is to first identify the wrong model. And unfortunately, most real estate agents follow the wrong model. They follow the traditional rules of business networking, which entails getting someone to know you, like you, and trust you over a long period of time. Once this in place, the professional refers you because “he or she wants to help you.” This model produces slow and sporadic referrals. 

A Simple Referral Model

Rather than trying to get a professional to send you business because it’s good for you, a better solution is to have them refer you because it’s good for them and for their clients. Once you can make it to where they are bringing you, the real estate agent, up to their clients because it’s good for them and for their clients, then your referrals come easily and frequently. 

Three Keys to More Referrals in Real Estate

If you had to break down the Upstream Referral Model into three simple steps, here is what they would be. The first step is to identify who your ideal clients are, who is a professional that already has a relationship with that ideal client, and who can introduce you to that Upstream Professional. Second, you would want to uncover the specific needs of that Upstream Professional through a sit-down, consultative conversation. Third, you would deliver value around the needs of that Upstream Professional, including adding value to their client experience.

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Justin Stoddart 0:05
Got a question over here from Jenna? Is community direct zip code or the city like Orlando? I would say smaller zip code? Yep. I don’t think it hurts to talk about like what’s happening in, in the larger community.

Justin Stoddart 0:20
But But if like, the more relevant you are, the more likely that people will listen to you. Okay? So relevance is critical. So if you can be over relevance, and you know, where these people are, for example, if it’s like within a certain zip code, then yes, focus on the zip code. Okay. And my guess is you probably like your clients to be within a couple of zip codes or to at least when you’re starting off so that you you you can actually service those people at a high level and not be driving all over town right.

Justin Stoddart 1:00
Got some people joining in what’s up, everybody. Welcome, welcome. Glad you’re here. For those that are just coming in. Would you go ahead and put inside the chat? Tell us where you’re coming from? I’d love to get kind of a bit of a poll. No, to what part of the country we are speaking to it looks like we’re now live streaming as well. So to everybody, whether you’re watching this on Facebook, or whether you’re here inside of zoom with us, we’re very grateful that you’re here. I’ve invited everybody that’s coming in, go ahead and put in the chat where you’re coming from I see Boston. Thanks, faith. Welcome. Ventura, California. Love it. Jake.

Justin Stoddart 1:33
Keith, put it in guys. We’d love to hear where you’re coming from, where your what your marketplace is. Let’s hear it. Toledo, Ohio. Awesome. Welcome, Jackie. Thanks for being here. Guys. Today’s episode, Today’s broadcast is going to be how do we find people who are motivated to buy and sell now, right? I think we’re probably all very tired of hearing people say, You know what, I’m just gonna wait till next year, there’s a lot going on and wait till next year. Now, that’s something that we see seasonally anyway.

Justin Stoddart 2:02
But it’s even more so now. Right? There’s been such an adjustment in rates so quickly, that many people are like, yikes, I don’t know, if I’m ready to buy, I don’t know if I’m ready to sell on this market. So today is what we’re gonna be talking about. But let’s just as you’re coming in the door, here, again, just tell us where you’re from. I see Longview, Texas. Good stuff, guys. Thanks for Thanks for participating. You know, this is what I found, when I’m on webinars, I can be

Justin Stoddart 2:28
effectively doing three things at once, and really get nothing out of any of them. And so I would just encourage you, the stuff I’m gonna share with you today really has the ability to impact your business in a significant way. If you really tune in, I’ve been I’ve been a part of webinars that really could have benefited me, but I was busy doing something else simultaneously. And I missed some of the key nuggets. So just encourage you today that I’m really prepared for two decades to deliver this info to you. It’s really very near and dear to me as far as what we’re going to see today. It’s come through lots of trial and error through lots of work and practice. And it’s it really has the ability to impact your business in a significant way. I’m helping a lot of other people right now, to have success with what I’m going to share with you today.

Justin Stoddart 3:13
So super excited, you’re here, we just encourage you to be very interactive, ask questions as we go along. Pretend that we’re in a conference room together. And I promise you, you’ll have much better experience in it. This is just kind of passively going in the background. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. But again, if you wanna get the most out of it, those are the best practices. So I’m out of the Portland, Oregon market. Again, I see a few more people joining in here. Again, if you’re just joining us, please tell us where you’re coming from, and Danna out of Orlando, Florida. Welcome, super glad you’re here as well. Guys, I’m excited to be here. Let’s dive in. I’m going to be sharing my screen for part of this, to where you will have the ability to kind of see more of what

Justin Stoddart 3:53
I’m going to be kind of talking about here, right. So more and better referrals, referrals to the motivated. Right. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. So I’m going to be sharing some some kind of basic principles of having a referral based business. But I’m also going to be sharing at the same time, I’m also going to be sharing kind of some advanced techniques that are really going to help you to go find people that really don’t have the luxury of saying I’m gonna wait till next year. So, welcome to those that are just coming here. So we’re glad that you’re here, guys.

Justin Stoddart 4:26
Welcome, welcome. Okay, let’s dive in. Let me just start with this kind of premise. I believe, least everybody that I’ve spoken with in our industry, if I said, What if I were to give you a list of 100 people and you go call them cold and try and turn them into a lead or referral or a lead rather, somebody who’s a viable prospect or just have somebody call you and say, Look,

Justin Stoddart 4:51
I was referred to you by my financial advisor. He says, I absolutely should talk to you. Do you have time to meet with me and my wife?

Justin Stoddart 5:00
My guess is we take that second approach all day long, right? There’s no doubt that referrals are better than cold leads, right? The reason then what? Why, let me just ask this question. Why would we ever do anything different? Why would we ever do anything different than just work with warm referrals? Right? Like, if there’s so much better, why don’t we just do that? Right? But the problem is, right, is that we run out of them before we reach our goals. Right? And this probably resonates with you, you guys up here is where our goals are at. Okay.

Justin Stoddart 5:35
And oftentimes, our warm referrals turn off about here. Anybody relate to that? Just put a one in the

Justin Stoddart 5:44
in the chat here. If you’re like, Yes, I can relate to that. I’ve got big goals. My referrals get me kind of like part of the way there, but they don’t get me all the way there. Again, if that resonates with you, I want to be sure I’m talking to the right audience. Just type number one in the chat.

Justin Stoddart 5:59
And okay, great, Dan. Thank you faith. Okay, great. Appreciate that. Anybody else? Just a couple people? Or is everybody? Can you relate to this? If you can relate to your warm referrals turning off? Before you get to your big goals? Put one in the chat. Okay. All right, guys. So in other words, we have a gap here, right. And oftentimes, we’re faced, I guess, all the time, we’re faced with this question here.

Justin Stoddart 6:24
Right, which is, what do we do? Do I lower my goals?

Justin Stoddart 6:30
Or do I pursue cold leads? You’re like, Well, I

Justin Stoddart 6:34
definitely want to lower my goals. That’s not me. Right? I don’t want to be that person. cold leads are not my favorite. But if that’s what I have to do to support my family, I will do it right. Maybe some of you can relate to that. Okay.

Justin Stoddart 6:46
But what if neither of those are our favorite, right? What if we just want to work with warm referrals? And we want to reach our biggest goals? Right? Our biggest goals with warm referrals? Wouldn’t that be a better scenario? Well, how do we do that right? Part of what I’m going to share around answering that same question of getting to that same answer is going to also give us the ability to work with motivated buyers and sellers, people who don’t have the luxury to say, I’m going to wait until next year. Now to give you a little bit, a sneak preview of where I’m going with this, right. And we’re going to delve much deeper into this. And I’m going to build a foundation. But here’s where we’re headed, is that most people who are not being forced to buy or forced to sell have the ability to say, You know what, I’m gonna wait until interest rates kind of settle down. I’m gonna wait and kind of see what happens with pricing, right? Anybody who has that luxury is saying that there is an entire list of people who do not have that luxury, right, whether they just went through a divorce, whether they’re relocating, whether they just had somebody pass away, whether they whatever, right, there’s an entire list of things that we’re going to go through together, that’s going to guide you to a group of people who don’t have the luxury of saying, I’m gonna wait until things calm down a little better, things stabilize a little bit, they just don’t, their life circumstances created a situation such that they don’t have that luxury. So today, I’m gonna teach you how to find those people. How to find more importantly, the people, the professionals that can refer you those people all day long. Why? Because they work with them all day long because of their profession. They work with those people all day long. Okay. So that’s where we’re going with this. So kind of stay tuned, let me give a little bit of background on me who I am. My name is Justin Stoddart. I own a company called Think bigger, we are a coaching and consulting company. Okay, specifically, for those that have no idea who I am, where I come from, I was a high end home builder, I’ll talk about that here in just a second kind of coaching. Plus, what that means is we offer group coaching, one on one coaching, plus the leverage to implement just so you kind of have some background on where I’m coming from. I work with dozens and dozens of real estate agents, dozens and dozens of actually title reps. So I have coached two groups of people. That’s my background, where I’m coming from. Outside of this again, I had a high end home building company for almost a decade. And I now work all day every day to together with real estate agents, helping them to get there, you know, kind of get unstuck get to that next level in their business. As I mentioned, I was a high end home builder. And many of the principles that I uncovered, happened over the course of that decade that I’m gonna share with you today of how was I at the at the age of 25 years old, able to go in and compete against and oftentimes win against the biggest custom home builders in the industry. It’s because I had a unique formula at some secrets on how to get to those people that could refer me all the time. And I’ll share that here in just a little bit. I also have a podcast called Think bigger real estate, and authored a book called The upstream model. And that in in both of those platforms, I should say, I have the ability and regular

Justin Stoddart 10:00
to teach people how to scale a warm market business. For those that want to see what a family that’s a family that scaled looks like this, what looks like this is my wife, and our six children and little golden doodle you can see down by our feet. So anyway, love these people. They’re my favorite people on Earth. And then they mean everything to me. So this is my crew loving to death. Yes, there are six of them if you’re trying to count. And that was a recent picture of us. So that’s, that’s a pretty, pretty recent pick. Now, if you if you’re really interested in this topic, and you’d like to learn more about it, all of these slides, right, I’m actually, I have ready to go. So if you’re interested in getting them, just find me on Instagram, and don’t get lost on Instagram, come back, right. But if I’m on Instagram, at Justin Stoddart, st odd AR T and just DM me the word slides, I’ll get your email address from there. And then I’ll email you the slides. So you’ll have all of these right, and then it’s oftentimes just one talking fast, I’m trying to get through a lot of content in a hurry, there’s things that you’re probably

Justin Stoddart 11:04
going to want to catch, and you might miss them. So just know that I have this all kind of prepared for you to where this is, this can be a really enjoyable experience for you. Again, if you have any questions, please put them in the chat. Alright. Now, what I want to talk about first and foremost is a foundation upon which you can build a referral business that scales, because again, our entire focus today is how do I get referrals to the motivated, okay, there’s some things that I want you to know that you need to have in place, or that I should say, best practices you have in place. Now, our team, we help people not just to learn about this, but to actually do in their business, we work to like together with you to help you to do that. But here’s a couple of key steps. And I’m gonna run through these quickly. So we have more time to spend on kind of the topic of today. But here’s some foundational referral systems that if you’re maybe transitioning away from cold market, maybe you have focused on cold leads, or maybe you’re like, you know what, I don’t get very many referrals. I like there must be something off. These are some some things that you can do. Now, if you’re wondering, like, I don’t know, if I’m getting enough referrals, maybe I am maybe I’m not let me share with you some statistics is that statistically speaking, 10% of your database every year, should convert into a piece of business. So in other words, if you had 100 people in your database, what’s the math 100 times 10%? would be 10. Deals. Okay? So if you could think about your database, where you keep your contacts, how many are in there? Now, the describe or the distinguishing factor here is it these are relationships, you might have 1200 people in a database, but like 1100 of them are cold leads you’ve never really spoken with, they don’t know you, you don’t know them, only count the 100 only count the people who you actually have a two way relationship with, okay. So 10% times 100 would be 10 deals, you have 10 deals is enough for you now, you know the formula, go build a database of 100 People love on them at a high level, and there’s 10 deals you ought to get from that. Okay. Now, if 10 deals is not enough, and for most of us, I would say probably I would encourage everybody, that should not be enough. Right? But time you pay your taxes by the time you pay yourself in the future, right in the form of investments, by the time you pay for expenses, tends not enough, right? I think we’d all agree with that. Now, but who might say it’s your business, okay. But anyway, you can insert any number here now, if you’re not getting this amount, right? If that’s not a reality for you, like Justin, I’ve got 250 People in my database, and I’m only getting five referrals. Okay, now let’s do the math on that. Okay. So let’s say we have 250 people in our database. So when to 10% times 250. That equals, that should equal 25. And if you’re saying, Justin, I’m only getting five, okay, we’ll take that five out, you’re missing 2020 pieces of business. And let’s say each of those is worth 10k. Right? That’s worth $200,000 a year. So what I’m going to share with you here in just a minute is a $200,000 problem. Okay, now, that should be like a wake up call it being like, oh my goodness, I’ve been kind of DIY in this stuff, kind of trying to have heart like haphazardly put together emails, and some social media stuff. And to save a few bucks, right? When in reality, the biggest expense in your business is the opportunity cost of not having these things in place. So again, everything we’re talking about right now is the foundation of a good strong referral business. And I’m going to run through these because these five areas are ways that should create a kind of a watertight 10% Like you ought to be able to count on 10% If you do these things really well. Okay. And then again, and then we’re going to move to how do you position your business to where these foundations are in place, and then you can begin folk

Justin Stoddart 15:00
just seen your attention on key strategic partners that refer you to the motivated all the time. Okay? So moving forward on their data, what do I mean by that, right? I’m gonna go through these five steps here. I want their data simply means you have their contact information inside of a holding place. Okay? Now, what do I mean by their contact information? At minimum, you need their name, and their email at minimum, right? Even better is phone and mailing address, right? To me, this right here is if you have these things, you’re in pretty good shape. Now you can add in some other fun stuff of like birthdays, and house anniversaries and all that stuff. Right? Like all that stuff will only help you. But at minimum, you need to own the data. Now, if you don’t have this effect, everybody’s listening here today this like, okay, Justin, I’ve got all these contacts on social media, how do I get there other info, I’ve actually created some I didn’t think about this before. But I will also if you reach out to me on Instagram, I’ll send you a link to a Google form that allows you to take a link and send it to people on social media and convert those people into your database. Okay, so my created that’s that I think, will really help you. Okay, so these, but you need to minimum get these name, email, phone and their mailing address, okay, so own their data, and this ought to be a mission of yours. And there’s, there’s tactful ways to get this information that feels like it’s a benefit to the client, right? Which is exactly what we want. Okay, number one, own their data number two on their inbox, you need to have a presence in their inbox. Right? Marketing is the like, I should say, email marketing is the goat the greatest of all time, right? When social mediums are,

Justin Stoddart 16:38
are changing their algorithms, their shadow banning, they don’t like what you say. So they’re gonna like, like, reduce and remove followers. There’s all kinds of funky business, it happens with social media giants, right? We love them. That’s how we’re connecting here today, many of us, but the reality is it’s not as dependable as having someone’s email, especially when you do email. Right? So what does email look right? Look like?

Justin Stoddart 17:02
Many times people think that they need to be, like, only sending like one email a month, I’m telling you, it’s not enough guys, on average, people get 100 emails a day, times 30 days, that’s 3000 emails a month. And if you’re one of 3000, how memorable Are you? Right? Especially when maybe that email is like, not even your voice. It’s not even your personality, it’s not your doesn’t like, Guys, we can do better. Now you might say, well, I don’t know how to do better. Okay, I’m gonna give you a few tips. If I can help you with this afterwards, I’m happy that even hop on a 15 minute call with you and help you get unstuck when it comes to email. But there’s some very important things that gets it to where people are opening your emails. And when they read your email, it feels like they’re hearing from you, their trusted adviser. Okay, this isn’t something that you want to outsource, I’m just telling you, right? I wouldn’t outsource it, because people will, will treat it like spam. Let’s treat it like junk mail. Whereas if it’s your voice, your personality, your unique flavor on something that matters to them, then the chances of people opening that and reading it are really good. But you need to have at least two emails per month is still only that’s still not enough, right? But it’s at least it’s a start write one about market

Justin Stoddart 18:22
and one about community.

Justin Stoddart 18:25

Justin Stoddart 18:27
just book it on your calendar, the first and the 15th, you’re going to give people an update on what’s happening in the market, what’s happening in the community. Okay, at minimum, this is the minimum thing that you should be sending out. Okay. Now, there are some advanced stuff that have been taught to you by some mentors that have been highly tested. But that’s maybe more advanced for our conversation today. But at minimum, you need to be doing this, you should have an open rate of of at least 30%. Right? In other words, three out of 10 people are opening your email. Okay, these are just some some, some metrics that I shoot for, to like to really know that you’re getting mindshare, you’re actually not only the inbox, but you’re owning a space in their mind, which is awesome. Okay. So this is again on their inbox, having these systems in place will help you then move to the next level of partnering with strict strategic partners that can they can refer you to the motivated, okay, on the relationship outside of emailing people a couple times a month at minimum, right, I would say quarterly, you need some sort of personal contact, voice to voice face to face zoom to zoom, right knee to knee, like voice like text to text at minimum, right? But just think of these are ways that you can actually build a relationship with other people, okay.

Justin Stoddart 19:39
On their wealth, what I mean by this, I mean an annual wealth review, okay, like at least once a year to your top X number of people. You’re reaching out to them. You’re doing a recorded video with their CMA in the background and you’re giving them insight as to what’s changed with their

Justin Stoddart 20:00
Real Estate Market you guys, if you can commit to doing one CMA a day, I’m telling you, it’ll change your life, we help our clients do that and it changes their business in a hurry. So own their wealth by actually giving them an annual wealth review centered around their real estate portfolio. Okay? Simply a CMA fancy way of saying, and unsolicited CMA to people in your database. Okay? Now, step five is on their conversations. In other words, when they bring up the word real estate, they also bring up you, right, you’re in their conversations without you being present. In other words, you teach them how to refer you. It’s not like, Oh, here’s a stack of my cards, please pass them out, because people won’t call you. Right, it’s every time they hear the word real estate, they call you and say My friend just talked about real estate, can I make an introduction. And that’s, that’s, it’s that simple. Okay. It’s just simply training your people how to refer you. Alright. Now, let’s get into the bonus stuff. And I know many of you came here for today, but I had, I had to build the foundation. Because if you just jump straight to the bonus stuff, you’ll start getting referrals from from these strategic partners. And you won’t have any systems to be able to nurture those. So put those I share those things in place. I share those those previous five steps with you. So that you actually have the ability to now go spend your time because once he sees or systematize, you can now have time to go build strategic partnerships that refer you all the time. Okay. So I’ve got a question over here from Diana, is community director zip code or the city like Orlando? I would say, smaller zip code? Yep. I don’t think it hurts to talk about like what’s happening in in the larger community.

Justin Stoddart 21:40
But But if like, the more relevant you are, the more likely that people will listen to you. Okay. So relevance is critical. So if you can be irrelevant, and you know, where these people are, for example, if it’s like within a certain zip code, then yes, focus on the zip code. Okay. And my guess is you probably like your clients to be within a couple of zip codes or to, at least when you’re starting off so that you can actually service those people at a high level and not be driving all over town. Right.

Justin Stoddart 22:12
Okay, now, let’s get into this. I want to go back to something here really quickly. What I shared previously was 10%. Right?

Justin Stoddart 22:21
Let’s see, let’s go blue. Okay, so 10% of your database will convert

Justin Stoddart 22:28
into a deal every year, if done right. Now, I’m going to put a caveat in there is that because this year’s interest rates have jumped so quickly, it’s kind of like this analogy. Imagine that you’re flying along in an airplane, and the pilot says, we’re coming upon some turbulence, might you return to your seat and buckle up, everybody has a chance to like get ready for the turbulence. That’s a normal market up in flow, right ebb and flow. What happened this year is very similar to all of a sudden, if you’ve ever been on a flight that that’s that’s been this way, I haven’t. But I’ve talked to people who have where all of a sudden the plane drops 100 feet. And people’s heads are literally hitting the ceiling. Right? It’s these these pockets in the air that pilots will, you know, aren’t aware of and all of a sudden, like everybody is like, head hit the ceiling. And there’s kind of panic, right for just a minute till the plane stabilizes. Again, that’s similar to what’s happened this year sellers are all of a sudden, like, what my home is worth, how much lower and buyers are like, what my buying power went down to what’s right. And there’s this this time of like, Oh, my goodness, my head hurts because it just hit the ceiling. I need to just like settle in here for a little bit. Now the plane will stabilize, right, our current market will stabilize guys, it will. Okay, it just takes a little bit of time for buyers and sellers to get back to where they can see eye to eye. Okay. So at a time like this, a database that normally produces at 5% might actually be producing, or sorry, a 10% might actually producing closer to 5%. Right? Is the reality is that fewer of those people who would normally be buying or selling are a little bit paralyzed their heads a little sore, because it just hit the roof of the plane. Because things dropped so quickly, right? Mean property values or whatever, right? Like things just, they just adjusted so quickly. They’re like, Oh, my goodness, that’s, that’s painful. I’m like, I need a minute here. Just give me a minute. Right? So even though we want to put those foundations in place, because over time, those like this number will be true. Okay, this number will be true over time. But what about right now? Right, like right now? Like, the reality is, it’s kind of right here. Okay.

Justin Stoddart 24:43
And so how do we how do we solve around that? Here’s what I want you to think of instead of thinking of a database as converting at 10% In other words, 10 out of 100 are going to do something this year or refer me to somebody who’s doing something this year. 10 out of 100

Justin Stoddart 25:00
Okay, I want you to think of, instead of having to go find 10 friends to find one deal, right? Instead have to go find 10 Friends, I want you to think of one friend, or one partner

Justin Stoddart 25:16
who can get you to 10 deals. Okay, this equation up here is go find 10 people to get me to one deal. Right? At 10%. And this year, it’s even less than that because of of this, but I’m gonna ignore this for right now. Okay?

Justin Stoddart 25:34
to not confuse you, okay, in any traditional year 10%. In other words, 10 people to get you to one deal.

Justin Stoddart 25:41
Okay, but what if you could have one person that got you to 10 deals?

Justin Stoddart 25:45
Wouldn’t that be better? Wouldn’t that be a better scenario? Right?

Justin Stoddart 25:51
Like, what do you mean? Just what is this, like a like a magician? Like, like a, I don’t understand, how do you find one person who refers you 10 deals? Okay. That’s exactly what I talk about in this. But I’m gonna give you the CliffsNotes today, right? Is that there are professionals in our industry, or I’m sorry, just outside of our industry, who all day everyday are dealing with their clients. Okay, and their clients are, right, their clients

Justin Stoddart 26:23
are going to be needing a real estate agent next. And because they’re not dealing with just the average person who maybe we’ll sell every 10 years or five years, they’re dealing with people who tomorrow or this week or next week are going to be needing a real estate agent, right? And I’m going to hone in on those professionals, who specifically are dealing with people who have to buy after sell, okay, here’s what I mean by that. Okay. Let’s look at this. Think about people who have gone through a divorce. Right? This irrepairable like, they just want to get their money and get out. Okay. People who just lost a loved one, okay. And like they have to sell the house. Okay. What about people who just had a new baby and they can’t fit anymore? Like they just can’t fit in that house anymore? Okay, what about people that just got married and they’re combining a household? They’re actually moving into one household, okay. departed, this was the best way for me to say like, relocated, like, they departed the previous city and now they’re moving. They left their home behind they’re moving to your city, okay. departed, right. Or they’re departing, maybe they’re selling and moving to a new city. They don’t have the luxury of waiting necessarily, okay. Like they went through something devastating, right? Maybe like a bankruptcy. Okay, or they’re just downsizing. There’s a lot of people right now, who are downsizing the interest rate doesn’t really matter. They’re moving into a senior care facility. They’re moving in with with with family, like, there’s just a number of different ways that people are less affected by this market, or they don’t have the luxury to be choosy. Okay. Now who are the professionals? Right. I apologize about my bad handwriting, but let’s kind of work through this together. Right. So divorce. We have a we have attorneys, okay. We have attorneys and mediators death, we have probate trust. Right? Diapers? Well, we have people who deal with

Justin Stoddart 28:22
with new babies, right midwives, right. Think about these people. And the work that they do is a precursor to people needing to have a household change, right to have some change in their real estate. Right. Diamonds could be wedding planners departed, right. Oftentimes, people will be searching on YouTube, because they’re moving to a new city. Right. There are large corporations, businesses who are moving out of an area. Okay. What about like going through devastating times bankruptcy? Trustees? Okay. Conservators. Okay. Going through difficult things. can remember what that one was? downsizing, right. retirement homes, Senior Planning. Okay, financial advisors, CPAs. All of these people you guys are dealing with the motivated, not all their clients, but some of their clients. They’re dealing with the motivated. Okay. Think about that for a minute. They’re dealing with the motivated. So we’re at a time again, where we have people who are saying, who have the luxury of saying, You know what, I’m going to wait. I’m going to wait until next year. I’m going to wait until 2024. I just want to hold off. I’m telling you guys, you’ve heard the phrase before is that it’s much easier to go find a motivated person than to motivate somebody. Many of you have heard that phrase before when it comes to you know when it comes to tea. mates, right? You’ve got teammates, who are often it’ll hear team leaders, they’ll say, Justin, how do I motivate my people? And I ask a little bit and I say, tell me about what you’ve done. Tell me. And if it’s, if it’s like they’ve made like a lot of effort, and it’s not working, it’s some point, you just have to say, I don’t have time to motivate people. I just need to go find motivated people. Right? I’m not going to motivate them, I just want to find them already motivated. Okay, so the same principle is true. When it comes to buyers and sellers. We can try and take somebody who doesn’t have to buy doesn’t have to sell, we can spend all of our time trying to convince them that this is a great time to sell. This is a great time to buy, right? We see this all the time. We see this all the time, people like now’s a great time to buy now’s a good time to sell, is it? We don’t all right, maybe for that particular person. Nothing against agents who do that we’ve all done it. Right. And it’s true, oftentimes, yeah, at some point, we have to say like, are people listening to me, it might actually moding motivating them and educating them to make a good decision. So these people just they won’t let go of the of the sensational headlines, or they won’t let go of, of this reality, like they just don’t want to move right now. They just feel uncomfortable doing it. And so when we get to that stage, and we don’t have enough buyers and sellers, we have to say rather than trying to motivate people, what if I just went found the motivated? What if I just went and found people who had to buy had to sell, wouldn’t that be easier? Now instead of trying to convince people that this is the right thing for them, all we have to do now is step in and say you know what, you’re already motivated, allow me to serve you. Like, it would be a much easier game for everybody. They’re not feeling like we’re trying to move them in a direction, steer them towards something that may not be in their best interest. And as a fiduciary, we weren’t supposed to do that anyway. But when people already need us to help facilitate them, life gets a lot easier. Okay, life gets a lot easier. So we need to think about some of these people, right, some of these industries. And you might be asking yourself, How do I do that? Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna go as far as I can on this. And if anybody again, we’ll, we’ll be communicating for those that are listening to this. You can you can go to Instagram, send me message there. Even on Facebook, I mean, on Facebook, send me a direct message, because I will help you as much as I possibly can. Okay, I’ll absolutely love to help you. I have tons of people reach out to me all the time suggested How do I get unstuck, right. And I literally give them my time without any without any strings attached. I just want to help people get unstuck in this market agents that want it deserve to be helped. And I’m here to help. Okay. Now, let me share with you an image here of how do I uncovered how to access these people. Okay, if we’ve identified Okay, here’s some people that we can really benefit. Here’s some people that we can really help to, that are motivated that need our help, but how do I get to those professional partners? Who can lead me to those people all day long? That one person who can get me 10 referrals a year? Right? How do I find those people? I’d love to have a dozen of those. Right? I’d have loved to have a couple of those, whatever it is. Okay. So how do we do that? By the way, if you’re just joining us, guys, tell us where you’re from, we’d love to kind of get a taste. And we’ve had looks like about double the people join in since I got rollin here. So if you’re just joining us, let us know where you’re from. We’ll love to hear from you. Okay, so let me share with you a little story here. When I was a high end home builder, right. 20 years ago, this was me. And I had a fishing pole. And I was trying to get my line in the water yet all of these characters here. Were really good about saying I got here first, I got here first at first. And they were, they were doing a pretty good job of boxing me out. Right. They had long standing reputations. They had entire communities with their names all over it. They just had a lot further down the path. And I was it was like, How do I how do I even break into this? Okay, well, I realized that this was super competitive down here. This is kind of like bloody water because everybody’s like feasting on each other’s margins. Everybody’s like, it’s just it’s not a very fun environment to be highly competitive and you’re having to right lower your price to get in right or drop everything over family dinner and rush to open a house. Because that’s the only way to get it like it’s just kind of like the bloody competitive waters you don’t want to be in we want to be in his like the blue oceans, right? Kind of the the beautiful blue waters up here. So what I decided to do was to walk up here and to add significant value and there’s a key and what I just said right there to this guy because I knew that this guy could give me fish out of the stream before those fish ever even made it down to my competitors down here. Okay, that’s the essence of the upstream model, okay authored. And the principles I’m sharing with you are exactly that is that there is a way to get up here, if you can identify who this person was for me as a high end homebuilder. It was an architect, architectural designers were building or they were designing floor plans for their clients to go build a home. So of course, they’re going to need a builder next, right? If I go back to this page here, think about these people here. Many of these professionals are doing work for people and as a result of the work that they’re doing, they’re going to need to be these people, like their clients are going to need a real estate agent next. Okay. So once we identify who we want to work with, right, then we can get upstream and make connection there. Now, a couple of keys on this, okay. I don’t want you to walk into this equation. As a solicitor, do you say, Oh, my goodness divorce attorney? Why didn’t I think of that? You just start cold calling them you’re going to be treated like a solicitor because you’re acting like one? Okay, you need to seek a warm introduction, go to a client who went through a divorce as was your divorce attorney a nine or 10? Are they awesome? They weren’t great. Can I give you a few words to introduce me? Okay, because I really want to specialize in helping people that have gone through that difficult thing. And I’d love to have somebody to whom I can refer, there’s a big tip I just give you guys right there, right is that the frame through which you walk into that professionals life will be the will determine how much business you get from that person in the in the immediate future, okay, they’ll show up like a solicitor be more strategic, don’t be lazy, like actually, strategically, get a warm introduction to them, that edifies you that has that you position to be able to give them more than you are there to get. Okay, another huge tip. And when you meet with them, be more curious about their business and how you can add value to their business, then what they can do for you, right was John, John F. Kennedy, Kennedy asked not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. That’s the, the emphasis of the meeting with these people. And then you actually deliver that value. And then you actually deliver value to their clients through them, which puts you in every one of their clients, meetings without you actually be in there. Okay, those are the five simple steps the upstream model that we teach that we help our clients that we coach them through that process, okay. So instead of them having to have a, a large database, like normally, right, you think about it, you have a giant database, which equates at 10%, right, so you get 10% of the business out the other side, but you’re having to make all of these, right, you have to make all of these connections and relationships that just take so much time you one at a time. Okay? But instead, right? Instead of doing that,

Justin Stoddart 37:59
you build a small database. Or maybe in addition to doing that you build a small database of upstream partners, key professionals who are positioned such that their clients are going to need a real estate agent next, which produces a large number of referrals. Okay, Todd, you guys, there’s magic in this equation, we’re helping people unlock it every day. So rather than going out and hunting for golden eggs all across the land, you just go find a golden goose, you just go find a golden goose. And that is that is the secret you guys, once you have your foundational referral systems in place, okay, you can then spend the majority of your time working with people working with professionals adding value to professionals adding value to their clients. And you get early introduction before your competitors even know that those that before your competitors even know that those clients exists, you’re pulling them out of the water out of the stream, before they ever go down and start talking to any other agent. Isn’t that lovely? So you spend all your time, right? Working with golden geese, finding golden eggs, okay. Now, I know I’ve gone through a lot and we’re actually out of time, you guys. I’ve got another call. I gotta jump to shortly. But know this, that if you are tired of hearing people say, Justin, or whatever, right? I am. I’m going to wait until next year, right? Like we’re just gonna wait we’re gonna wait we’re gonna wait we’re gonna wait are your leads going cold leads aren’t as strong as it used to be online leads whatever, alright, or your database not needing your help right now. It’s because you’re trying to motivate people. Stop trying to motivate people. Instead, go find the motivated and better go find people who can introduce you to the motivated all day long. Again, DM me slides on Instagram, maybe put your email address in there as well. I’ll send you the slides for today’s presentation. And I’ll even send you a link if you want to spend a couple minutes and I can help you unlock kind of what this might look like. Slow it down a little bit more than that. Happy to. So appreciate it guys, thank you so much for your time today. Thank you, Jackie, thanks for the love. In fact, if you found value in this just put value, whether you’re watching inside of the Facebook group or whether you’re here inside a zoom, please, please let me know. It’s, it’s, it fuels me here and that I added value to you. Right? That’s my that’s a core value minus impact and improve the lives of other people. So awesome. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. feeling the love, feel the love. Please, again, connect with me. Don’t don’t allow this just to be some idea of like, Oh, that’s not like a good idea, but I know how to execute on it. That’s what I do. I’ll help you for free. Right, I’ll help you do it. So don’t don’t let this just kind of fall on. Excited the IRS that then turns into nothing. Allow me to help you. So thanks, everybody. Appreciate you. Being here with me. Spend some time with me. And let’s connect. Let me know how I can help you take the next step. Appreciate it everybody. Talk soon guys. See ya.