I often get asked, with a very busy job, a wife and six kids, having written a book, hosting a podcast, staying in shape, “How do you have time for it all?”

One of my key secrets is this: my morning routine.

So I ask of you… How is your morning routine?! Inside of the Think Bigger Real Estate Group on Facebook, I’ve shared a template that reflects my morning routine that you can use as a starting place to create your own.

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What’s up everybody? Today I’m gonna share with you insider secrets as to how I’m able to get more done than my competition all before they even wake up. Because oftentimes I’ll get asked the question, how did you do it? You’ve got six kids, you’ve got a wife, you’ve got a job. You’ve just written a best selling book, and you’ve got a podcast, and you’re leading this think bigger movement of big thinkers and high achievers. How do you fit that all in? And I’ll tell you my secret. It’s all in the morning routine. I’m going to share with you today what those secrets are. But before I do that, let me invite you to subscribe to this channel to like this video, and hit the little notification bell so you don’t miss out on anything else is going to keep you from your biggest and best life.

I often get asked about my morning routine, what do I do that really allows me to be a father to six children to write a best selling book, to succeed in my job in my career, and yet be leading a movement of big thinkers and high achievers. And let me let me just explain that I’m nothing special.

The reality is I’ve just created and adopted some habits and some practices that have allowed me to get more productive work in while most people are just getting started for the day.

For me that looks like this, my alarm goes off at 4:45am. My alarm is strategically set in a different room. Because if I could reach my phone, I definitely would not allow myself to be woken up at that time. So by the time I get up and get to my phone, I’m awake, I immediately put on my workout clothes.

At that point, I grabbed my backpack, which has my iPad inside of it. Inside my iPad, I have access to two digital journals, I have a family journal, and a personal journal, I write memories and even put in pictures that allow me separate from social media to be keeping a log of what’s not just going on in my life, but more importantly, how I’m feeling and to be able to interact with those thoughts.

Now after I write both of those journals, I then review my goals, I actually started the 10 year mark and get a very clear picture of where I want to be 10 years from now I review that out loud. I then look at five years, one year, and then I read affirmations all of that to this point has only taken me about 20 minutes.

At that point, I then move into a personal study. So my spiritual life is very important to me. So I spend time not just reading, but actually writing and thinking about the thoughts and the feelings that I’m having. I then share that via text message with family members.

And then I move on to the next part, which is actually go through and I write out specifically that day, what can I do the what are the three most important things that I can do that day, to drive me towards those one year goals and being the person that I’ve stated in those goals and affirmations.

Once that’s complete, I then kneel in prayer, and then I get up and my workout partner is oftentimes waiting for me at the door. And we have a regimented workout Monday through Friday. Once I’m completed with that, I then hit the shower.

And as soon as I’m done with that, I’m in my office for 45 minutes to an hour before my family awakes for breakfast where we have some fun together, I get to love on them have a quick spiritual devotional as a family, and then I jump right back into the office to get going.

Again, that is the routine that I’ve now followed. That is has allowed me to do things I never could have fit in my busy life. And I would encourage you if you’re not yet totally set on your morning routine are not getting ahead like you want to get ahead, it’s because there’s too much wasted time in the early hours of the day.

Now here’s a secret. If you’re interested in “Well, how do you get up early? It’s not so much what time you get up, it’s what time you go to bed.

Oftentimes, Netflix, Hulu, all those things that are so fun in the evening, even certain substances that you’re taking, maybe causing you difficulty to get up in the morning early. So you need to be starting your morning routine, actually the night before getting in key work getting in key preparations rather, to where you can be your very best self when that alarm goes off first thing in the morning.

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