If I just had more time…is BS.

If time was your only limit, people wouldn’t be outperforming you.

Does your calendar validate your commitments? The time spent on unwritten tasks that fill your day, like scrolling on social media and watching the latest Mini Series, is an opportunity for you to create value in the marketplace. If you’re spending more time than you want on these activities, it may be time to reevaluate how you use your time.

Your calendar is your boss – set your boss up to lead you well!

How do you make your calendar your boss?

At the core of everything is personal responsibility. We are where we are because we decided to get here. That means you can decide to get somewhere else! So choose the next step with intentionality.

Jen Dillard out of Hood River, Oregon works 4-5 hours per day and will close over $100M in Real Estate volume with her team this year.


Give your time smaller, tighter parameters. Master your calendar.

5-Step Process to Get Started Opening Up Your Time

S – What time do you START your day? (and when do you end so you can start at that time rested)
P – What are the PROMISES you’ve made to yourself and others in regards to your time? Put these in first. (ie: generating new business, working out, attend kids’ events, faith, etc)
A – What are you doing to make ADVANCEMENTS in every key area of your life? (Spiritual, Relationships, Mind, Body, Enterprise)
C – Buffer your time to deal with unplanned CHAOS (emails, client requests, transactions going sideways, challenges at home, etc)
E – What time will you END your work day and what is the evening routine? Commit to your loved ones! (family dinner, walk together, pick up from school, time to watch your favorite show, etc)

Decide it in advance.
Live in community with those who can help you accomplish it.
Apply it.
Teach it.
Use it to serve your Upstream Partners.
Let us help you! #GoThinkBigger