Throughout human history, human knowledge is known to have doubled every 100 years. Today, knowledge doubles every 2-1/2 years. A decade from now, it is predicted that human knowledge will double every 12 minutes.

It’s about to change… for you, for me, for everyone repeatedly, constantly, and faster than ever before.

Within that change, it’s no secret that technology and the global economy continue to commoditize service professions, including those in the real estate industry. Some people even go so far as to say that title professionals, mortgage lenders, and real estate professionals will go the way of the travel agent.

Obviously, buying and selling real estate is far more complicated than booking travel; however, I am not alone in my prediction (i.e. Seth Godin, Gary Keller, and others) that over the next few years and decade, those in our respective industries today will fall into one of three major categories:

  1. The first group will not keep up with the change, and as a result, will be replaced by technology and/or low cost labor
  2. The second group will change their thinking and activities only as they are forced to do so, and as a result, will experience less opportunity from our industry in the future than they experience today
  3. The third group will seek out and embrace change, help drive the future, and as a result, secure for themselves more and even better opportunities than they currently enjoy

By driving change in title and escrow, we will be learning from, masterminding and partnering with those that are driving change in real estate.

I invite you to reach out, connect, and join us as we study and develop the future of our industries.