Grow yourself and your business through journaling.

One of the greatest secrets of big thinkers and high achievers is clarity. They know where they’re at, how far they’ve come, and where they are going

“But how do you do that, or find the time to do that?” you ask.

One of the best-kept secrets I’ve found is in the power of journaling and in this episode, I go into how you find the time and what you must include in your journal entries in order to get the maximum benefit from the practice. 

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What’s up, everybody? Justin Stoddart here. So excited today to share with you a secret that I’ve uncovered, that is helping me to build a very successful business and very significant life. It’s all about the power of journaling. Now, before I do that, I want to remind you to subscribe to this channel, like the video, and be sure to hit the bell notification, so you don’t miss out on anything that I’m going to be sharing it helping you to be a big thinker, again, pursuing success and significance.

Today, I want to talk about the power of journaling, which is going to allow you to be super intentional about your life, again, creating success and significance.

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of journaling, that you maybe you picture your teenage girls reading, Dear Diary, right? Maybe your daughters have done that before?

Nor is it the type of journaling that maybe you think of when you think of elderly people kind of putting together their life history, family history.

No, I’m talking about very strategic intentional journaling that allows you to create before you create.

Now what I mean by that it was the late Stephen Covey, one of my early mentors, who said this, he said that everything is created spiritually before it’s created physically. In other words, we’re having thoughts in our minds before we go out and we do the activities. That is true of all of us.

The reality is a very few are intentionally creating on that first creation so that we can get the kind of outcome that we want on the second. So one way to do that is to spend time journaling. Now I’ve got a very rigorous morning routine, my alarm goes off at 4:45. am and before five o’clock, I’m in my seat, ready to start to do my personal spiritual development for the day.

Now, you might be saying an hour, Justin, an hour-long journaling session? And I say “Yes”, but it’s different than maybe you think. I’m not just talking about what happened yesterday, I’m more talking about my future. And I’m very specific about journaling in a way that allows me to not just look in the rearview mirror, but to look forward.

Part of what I’m doing during this journaling exercise, is I’m actually reading and studying. And then I’m writing about the things that I’m learning, if you want to take your learning to another level journal while you study that allows you to internalize it and for you to then recreate it into your own life. So that then when the day starts, you can go out and create those things in the real tangible, physical world.

One of the key mentors that’s taught me so much about journaling is Dr. Benjamin Hardy. For those that don’t know, Benjamin Hardy, wrote the book, Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Isn’t Permanent and then just recently co-authored with Dan Sullivan, the book called Who Not How. He’s someone that I look up to, and from whom I’ve learned a ton.

He actually wrote also an endorsement for my book, The Upstream Model.

Dr. Benjamin hardy teaches that there are five key questions that we ought to consider when journaling.

Number one is, Where are we at right now? Meaning a very clear picture of our current reality.

Number two is what have I accomplished in the past 90 days?

The third question is, what do I need to accomplish? What can I possibly and and and should absolutely strive to achieve in the next 90 days?

And then question number four is, what should I accomplish?

What are my goals for the next year?

And then the last question is, what are my goals for the next three years.

And if we start to integrate those questions into our journaling, it’s amazing how we stop comparing ourselves to other people. We’re simply comparing ourselves with who we were, and with a clear picture of where we’re at right now, and then comparing ourselves with where we could be. And if there’s one healthy way to really pursue greatness in your life, to pursue a successful business, and significant life is to always have a very clear picture of where you want to go and be making very intentional strides towards that.

So, in closing, I have an invitation for you. I had somebody reached out to me Just recently, and they said,

“Hey, Justin, I love following you on social media. And I love the fact that you talk about being in pursuit of your potential, but I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know what my potential is, how do I uncover that?”

How do I discover that after thinking about his question, which I loved, we spent about 30 minutes together an invitation that I shared with him is the same one that I want to extend to you, which is number one, you probably need to be getting up earlier than you currently are. That time in the morning is so important for you to really start to clean the slate and actually put on the slate what you want your ideal life to look like.

So again, that is not just getting up early, it’s actually starting to journal using the methods that I shared in this video today. I hope this has been helpful for you.

If you are interested in continuing to grow yourself so that you can have a very successful business, and then an even more significant life, then this is the key.

AND you need to subscribe to this channel. There’s going to be more content about this about how you can truly uncover what your potential is and be living in a forward lean, living in pursuit of that, so be sure and subscribe to this channel, hit the like button, and hit the bell button so you don’t miss anymore.

And again, my final request of you today is to Go Think Bigger!!