Have you ever wondered what it would take to start to get more warm referrals flowing into your business? 

Have you ever considered that maybe the first step is super simple, super easy, and is something that you could do TODAY in just a matter of a few minutes? 

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Hey, what’s up everybody, Justin Stoddard here and I’m excited to talk to you about another principle that you actually won’t find in my book, and you won’t hear me talking about in other places, but it’s how to get more warm referrals flowing into your business.

Now, before I go there, I want to remind you that on this channel, we’re unveiling some of the biggest secrets that have really not been unveiled at this point on how you can actually grow a real estate business or if you are a paid professional in some other industry will help you to grow that business via warm referrals instead of relying upon cold leads.

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So I was talking with a very good friend of mine recently, and he said, I’ve been really trying to get real estate agents to refer me more clients. They love my services and many have been using me for years.

And then he said: It’s been so interesting, as I’ve asked my clients [real estate agents] for referrals, and how awkward that conversation gets. Keep in mind, these people love the service that I offer.

And he said: One thing that showed up for me in this process is that real estate agents aren’t very good at giving referrals.

That was interesting because I would say that of all the things that a real estate agent wants, it’s more referrals. And the reality is that unless you get good at giving referrals, you’re not going to be very good at receiving referrals. You have to get good at giving before you can get good at receiving.

So if by chance there’s a referral deficit in your business, then my encouragement to you is to go through everybody that you know, like and trust, that your business and or you as a person are currently using and ask yourself: To whom can I refer these professionals that would not only benefit them, but it would also benefit the recipient of that referral?”

That’s my first point again, go very specifically and look, who can I refer this week and you’ll be amazed at what starts to come back in return.

My second point to you is about testimonials. Testimonials is a great kind of segue into getting referrals. Many agents realize the value of having warm, great testimonials, five-star testimonials and reviews all over the place. Yet how often have you given those testimonials?

In fact, my good friend Patrick Galvin, who wrote the book, “The Connector’s Way” talks about today, go and look at who are the people that you know, like and trust, the other businesses and actually go spend time giving them testimonials, giving them five-star reviews. Of course, those who deserve it.

And you’ll be amazed at what happens the amount of gratitude that comes back to you, the amount of good feelings that you have, and the number of testimonials and referrals that start to flow the other way.

So again, if by chance you have a deficit of warm referrals coming into your business, then guess what… you probably also have a deficit of warm referrals coming out of your business.

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