You want to see the opportunity, but you wonder…”what if the market doesn’t cooperate or takes a turn?”

Today’s Real Estate climate

You are likely hearing clients more often saying “I’m going to wait.” Sellers overall are attached to last year’s equity, and buyers are attached to last year’s interest rates. These are at odds with each other. Do you spend your time educating your clients in order to convince them that now is still a good time to buy or sell? 

Sometimes we hit turbulence before the pilot has a chance to tell us to buckle up. This happened in our marketplace and our heads have metaphorically hit the ceiling in a sudden shift.

How do we find motivated buyers and sellers who cannot wait so we don’t have to cut our goals in half?

A new strategy: better to find the motivated than to try to motivate

There are seasons of life that influence special moving needs for different families, and these may create opportunities for you to work with those who do have the luxury of “I’m going to wait to buy/sell.” To better understand these circumstances, consider these “8 D’s” of life transitions:

  1. Divorce
  2. Diamonds 
  3. Death
  4. Diapers
  5. Devastation
  6. Diplomas
  7. Downsizing
  8. Destinations 

Instead of searching for a needle a bigger pile of hay, or searching for it faster, fine tune your connections to serve people in these situations. When you serve a small number of professionals who already serve these clients, you narrow down a smaller database in return for a larger and more thoroughly vetted set of referrals. Consider these 8 professions who are already serving clients from the 8 D categories above:

  1. Mediators
  2. Wedding planners, photographers
  3. Estate Attorneys
  4. Medical industry 
  5. Trustees/Bankruptcy Attorneys
  6. HR departments
  7. Senior Care specialists 
  8. Relocation Services 

The Upstream Model

  1. Identify the person you’d like the work with and the professional who may already be serving them
  2. Seek a warm introduction to this industry professional by edification of someone they trust
  3. Meet with them as a peer: you are not a solicitor, don’t come “excited to work with their clients” 
  4. Add unique value to their business 
  5. Add unique value to their clients 

We think we know, but are using common practices and are coming across as common. You are not common, and we can teach you the precise recipe to unlock multiple referrals from your professional network.

Here are a couple things people are saying who are applying this recipe properly:

“I got my first referral to a high-end listing in just 30 days.” -Jen, TB Client

“I got four referrals in one day,” -Kendel, TB Client

“I got two slam-dunk listings in 3-weeks,” Arthur, TB Client

If you’d like access to our Playbooks, reach out! We will equip you to stand out and add real value, shedding the previous identity that put you in the back of the line behind a lengthy list of other Real Estate Agents. It’s time to step to the front of the line!


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