Recently on the Think Bigger Real Estate Show, big thinker and founder of ‘The Abundant Agent’, Josh Friberg shared an interesting answer to the question, “What do you do intentionally to ensure that you think bigger?”

He responded with: “I hang out with people that are bigger thinkers than I am.”

This reminded me of a situation I was in the previous day.

You see, within the realm of possibilities in which I have created and currently reside, the conversation of scaling from a 6 to a 7 figure business is a sexy topic. It’s one that causes the people with whom I am in conversations, and to whom I regularly make offers, to pay attention and listen for what comes next. They are looking for a path to do exactly do that and my ability to speak of helping agents scale to the prized “7 FIGURES” is wildly attractive. As I do this, I feel pretty good about myself and what I can offer to the marketplace.

Then, I have an experience like I had yesterday where someone who has built their existence in a realm of possibilities far above these conversations, grabs me by the shirt collar, so to speak, and yanks me up into a conversation about what it takes to scale to an 8 and 9 figure business. The conversation went from discussing superior content, delivery methods, training and tools to creating and controlling the ecosystem through which content, training and tools are delivered. It went from avoiding and rising above industry commoditization to tapping into the deeply held psychological wiring of humans to design pathways that move them methodically to new levels. It went higher-level and to deeper levels than any of my previous conversations all at the same time… and in just a few minutes.

Being in that rare air for just a few minutes was invigorating. I realized how being around people that think bigger is a recipe for being of greater service to my family, my industry and mankind. At the end of the day we all spend a certain amount of hours per day working on bringing solutions to the marketplace in exchange for compensation. What became apparent to me is that there are those in our society that are working on bringing solutions to bigger problems and/or bringing solutions to a bigger quantities of people.

When you are in conversations that expand your thinking, you begin to see the path of how some outproduce and outperform the majority of society and it opens the possibility of you being able to see yourself on a similar path. As your mind expands and new possibilities enter in, your conversations start to follow suit. People, including your real estate customers will recognize that you think and work on a different level than the typical agent. Rather than being seen as an easy-to-replace agent, you’ll be seen as a valued advisor that is worth the wait.