I often get asked for my recommendations on choosing a real estate brokerage. Because I spent almost eight years working in title and escrow and now coach real estate agents across the country, I have a unique perspective about what YOU should be looking for.

By the way – choosing solely based on “it’s the lowest cost” or “it’s just a place to hang my license” may be the right option for you… or it may be costing you more money than you can imagine.

In this training, I share a simple framework for finding the best brokerage FOR YOU to reach YOUR goals the fastest.

Many agents are wondering “Am I at the right brokerage to be able to survive during the current market shift?” I encourage you to ask where can you thrive; where do you need to be and who do you need to become to do so.

I just had a conversation with a financial advisor who shared some interesting and encouraging information with me. First, he confirmed that he regularly refers business to Real Estate agents, and next that when he asked for a recommendation in a room full of agents, only one came back with interest to partner with him to earn these. This tells me there is an evident “thinning of the herd” as people step out of the business, and secondly that people are perhaps ill-equipped by their brokerage to understand the potential in these relationships. Your intentionality regarding how you show up is what will set you apart.

If you are asking yourself “Where should I hang my license?”, you’re likely to move toward the lowest cost option. Those who are choosing to be a “lowest cost provider” or a “bare minimum” are in a race to the bottom. This is a skill-based market. You will need to be in the best position to be more professional and learn to generate referrals and high-quality leads from new sources. Consider the following questions as you evaluate your best placement. 

  1. Where do you align with other business partners? 
    • Choose an environment of growth
    • What are the other agents’ perspective of the current market? Are they seeing opportunity?
  2. Can you relate to the big thinkers around you?
  3. Do you see an opportunity?
    • Do you have ownership in your Real Estate strategy for long-term success or passive income?
    • What is the opportunity cost to choosing a brokerage you “love’ where people are nice to you?

This message is about bringing you awareness and beginning the conversation to stimulate your thinking to ensure you’ve found the best fit for you. If you haven’t yet found this and would like help, let’s schedule that conversation together, I have lots of ideas brewing! 

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