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Think Bigger | Real Estate

Are you doing what you love?

As I sat in a training, looking out at people on their boat on a beautiful sunny day, it hit me… I wanted to be where I was at more than I wanted to be on a boat on a beautiful sunny day. That’s a good test that you love what you do.

What to do when you mess up

These past few days have been tough. Despite doing my best to live an honest and good life, sometimes I flat out mess up. Specifically, sometimes I under-disclose. Other times I over-disclose. The past few days, I’ve felt some consequences of doing this, which...

Finding and keeping talent for my real estate team

Teachings from all-world real estate leader, Ben Kinney, who gave me a bigger vision of my own future as well as some really powerful takeaways on how to find and keep great people on a real estate team.


Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.


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