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Think Bigger | Real Estate


Differentiation and really standing out in a crowded marketplace doesn’t take much but can have a big impact on you and your clients.

Raise Your Standards

As a real estate agent, when you raise your standards of when and where you want to work, you’ll find that you get more of the clients that you want to work with.


Think big act small. When we gain momentum through small wins, we experience the energy that comes from winning, which leads us on to bigger and bigger wins.

In Twenty-Two Short Years From Now

Growth is often imperceptible. This often causes us to lose the motivation to keep putting in the work to create it. The key is to trust the process and know that 20+ years from now, your growth will more than surprise you. So, get to work the next 20 years is already underway.

The Power of Belief

When I sit with real estate agents, I can often predict who is going to be successful and who is not. I share the story of a wrestler who flipped a belief switch to end up easily beating his opponent. This will help you unlock the power of belief.

Expand your associations–Expand your possibilities

Me: “What do you do intentionally to ensure that you think bigger?” Josh Friberg: “I hang out with people that are bigger thinkers than I am.” Here’s an example of a conversation that expanded my thinking.

Morning Routine

The highest achievers in the world are very intentional. That intention begins with a thoughtful and rigorously followed morning routine. Here’s mine.

Having an abundance mentality

True winners get that way not by hiding their trade secrets, but by giving them away. A great lesson from two real estate agents.

Do you work in the mailroom

You’d never see an effective CEO also working in the company mailroom. How can today’s ambitious real estate agents and ambitious professionals expect to be effective when today’s mailroom, our inbox, often occupies most of our day.


Inspiring real estate industry professionals to THINK BIGGER so that their income, their freedom and their impact for good can also grow.  

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We help real estate agents grow themselves so that their businesses can follow suit, thereby giving them a better life, one with more options and greater impact.


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