Just because you’re doing okay, does not mean others are. By you holding back, you’re doing more than limiting yourself.

The ripple effect of you going for it creates a ripple effect that you might not believe.

If you’ve found yourself pondering the possibility, “I feel like there is more I could be doing, but I am just not sure I know why I would do it…” today’s inquiry is for you. 

Happiness is found in investing your talents – what are you doing with what you’ve been given? Frustration comes when we know there is more in us and we feel ourselves holding back. 

There are ripple effect of tapping the brakes when you should be pedal down:

  1. How much you could donate 
  2. Your energy and your example impacts others to lag and not give their all – or vice versa!

Impress upon those watching what it looks like go for it – open doors to their happiness as well as your own by doing more than just fine.  

What’s holding you back? Let’s have a conversation and see if we can uncover a deeper motivation to help you unlock what’s truly on the table for you and for others around you who will benefit from your success.

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