Learn the 3 simple steps you can take today to start getting more referrals as a real estate agent.

Shout out to my mentor Sharran Shrivatsa, President of the Real Brokerage, who taught me these things!

I don’t need to convince you that warm referrals are better than cold leads…that’s why you’re here learning about the Upstream Model! My life’s passion is to help Real Estate agents get more referrals, and get them more quickly.

The old ways aren’t working

You’ve been taught to create a massive database and sort through people constantly. Even though you’re trying to serve, you can lose your whole life in that sorting process, dedicating time to people who do not need you and will never refer you. 

More referrals in less time

If you want more time to enjoy the fruits of your referrals, this is the method for you!

1. Language 

We often use the term “referral” esoterically, and expect others to understand just what we’re asking for, and you may be losing as much as 25% of possible referrals! 

Here is a word everyone understands: Introduction. Marketing and communication comes down to using the words that put in another person’s mind what exists in ours, so in that way we are truly on the same page. Reducing complexity will then help others be able to act upon it. Where attention is often diverted, simplicity leads to understanding and execution. 

2. Training

Just as a sports fan watching a football game receives a replay breakdown that leads up to the “touchdown dance” victory, so we need to leave a trail as to how our referrals come to be. 

In other words, let’s write the story of how an ideal referral came to be, rather than just shouting that we “got one” or closed on a transaction. 

You first must determine who your ideal client is, then you can share the story of how you met them and the problem you solved for them.

3. Demonstration 

You are sending your business to a number of different professions in your network. Try having this demonstration conversation with those you refer often: 

“I want to apologize. I’ve never taken the time to show you my client process! That’s on me. 

Can we schedule 15 minutes so you can understand my process?

Here is why: I want to learn how I can weave you into these client conversations.”

Rather than staying in our own silo, reach out to your trusted team and let them make you better! You will be able to add significantly more value to your clients, and reciprocate referrals with those already working in your world. By clarifying your process, you will create trust with your partners and lower the risk they perceive of what it would mean to refer you.

I will be training Financial Advisors, and more professions coming, on how they can refer Real Estate agents, allowing me to have a referral partner ready to introduce to my private coaching clients. 

If you’d like to allow us to train you up to be a more valuable advisor and create the opportunity for you to earn a steady flow of warm referrals, find me on Social and DM or me, or click the button below to schedule 15 minutes with me. 

Until then, promise me you’ll GO THINK BIGGER!



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