The NAR just came out with updated numbers. The average person knows 13 Realtors… up from about 10.2 in previous years.

Rather than a feeling of dismay or irritation, I suggest a feeling of curiosity in the form of these and other questions:

  • Has anyone in my close sphere become a Realtor? If so, I wonder what are their goals? Is there an opportunity for me to offer some mentorship and possibly collaborate?
  • How am I standing out from my competition?
  • How do I position myself to receive endorsements from professionals in other industries that are potential referral sources that can then give me an advantage over my increased competition?
  • Are there endorsements that I should seek from past clients that would help me to distinguish my level service from that of other professionals? If so, how do I gather those, and through what medium do I share them with my database and prospective clients?
  • In addition to helping my clients sell or buy a home, what additional value can I offer to their family, their career, etc. that would be a compelling reason to choose me over other Realtors.

Within every bit of news, there are threats and there are opportunities. When we focus on the opportunities, our mind, life, and world becomes full of them.